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So what is Posidonia? You mean the exhibition? Thousands of footsore technical managers looking for something new to make the boss happy... Or the other venues? Yachts, top-of-the-line hotels, clubs, private homes where the booze flows, the shipowners schmooze and the deals get done.

Pedigree: It seems to have been going for ever — but actually Posidonia started in 1969 and, no matter how bad the market, it gets bigger every time. And it does have the seal of all the shipping organisations in Greece that count.

Anything else? Well, plenty of conferences, seminars and press briefings.

Any worth going to? Obviously the TradeWinds Shipowners’ Forum has them standing in the aisles.

And what about the parties? You can’t gatecrash them all, but the cast of thousands at some means virtually anyone can get in.

What do the Greeks think about it? They can’t understand why all these foreigners come and spend their time around the hotel pool in the day before going out and getting drunk at night.

With the Greek economy in a mess, aren’t people happy to have the income? Athens and Piraeus taxi drivers, hotels and bars are. The rest of the country probably has no idea what’s going on.

Anything else? Well, there’s a yacht race, a five-a-side football competition and a golf tournament, all of which get quite a lot of attention.

But what about business? Oh, that would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it?

Don’t say: Can you get me into the Theo and Gianna party?

Do say: We so love your country we’ll be back again very soon to spend loads more money.