Get out of the way!

We take a look at what was said in the market over the past week.

"The steamroller taking eight years to get to the shipowner - that’s plenty of time to get out of the way.”

Clean Marine Energy's Ralli van Reesema references a classic Austin Powers scene to explain the unstoppable but very avoidable juggernaut of emissions legislation.

Clean Marine Energy to help owners dodge ECA steamroller

"All actions performed were as per the procedures and the rules for the use of force and subsequently the pirates abandoned their approach.”

Is this Torm’s polite way of saying their security guards shot the s*** out of some pirates?

Tanker fights off attack

"These bonds will sell because they are backed by Citi. It is likely that other shipowners, especially in Greece, will also look to securitise debt too."

One industry source thinks Alpha Bank’s return to bundling up debt may lead others to follow.

Alpha’s $1.4bn deal

“Daehan is controlled by KDB and most of the shipyard’s newbuilding refund guarantees were issued by the bank. KDB has also financed some of the vessels. It will not let the shipyard go bust.”

Good news for the bankrupt Korean yard.

“Daehan has assured us of normal operations and that it will be building the vessels according to schedule.”

And good news for one shipowner who has contracts there.

Huge claim sees Daehan file for court receivership

“If you look at the North Sea spot market, rates there are just crap and should be a lot better at this time of the year. We are surprised that more people are still ordering PSVs into what appears to be a strongly oversupplied market.”

An offshore shipbroker voices the eternal conundrum of shipping – why on earth do owners order so many ships?

New PSV projects face hard sell to investors

“We are always looking at different opportunities. Containers is an area in which we have been looking with interest.”

Scorpio’s Emanuele Lauro responds to a TradeWinds story that a big boxship order is on the cards.

Scorpio ups ante as focus turns to boxships market

“It has been said there have been cases where the original registered owner connived with the creditor to defraud the buyer and backed the creditor’s claims by generating fraudulent, backdated documents to lay before the court.”

Shashank Agrawal on the minefield of buying vessels for demolition.

Cash buyers face demolition unless scrap vessel arrests are reined in

“We began to challenge some detentions where we felt information had been misread. We realised others had been doing this all along. We had been missing a trick.”

LR’s Tom Boardley says the class society was just too nice in the past.

England soccer team could learn a thing or two from Lloyd's Register

“Even 15 years ago, this company announced it was getting out of shipping but, when the market changed, it kept its shipping business.”

EMIC’s Alan Chou says people should not necessarily believe his boss’s claim that it will quit shipping – again.

Taiwanese conglomerate looks to drop out of shipping space again

“Anything above 20 will start becoming a nice company.”

Top Ships’ Evangelos Pistiolis sets his sights on fleet expansion.

Top Ships aims for rapid but focused fleet growth

 “However, not being able to push through an increase planned for 1 July in full, supposedly peak season, does not reflect well for carriers.”

The gloom may continue for boxship owners, according to broker FIS.

Flat market spooks lines into delaying freight rate hikes