Odds against

We take a look at what was said in the market over the past week.

“The probability of Su’s success on appeal is in the single digits.”

US district Judge Lynn Hughes narrows down Nobu Su’s legal options.

“Su will not suffer irreparable harm. If he wins on appeal, the users of his technology can pay him a reasonable fee to compensate him for lost royalties.”

But then she gives him a slight reason to hope.

Su loses last-ditch bid to block sale of TMT vessels

“MCA experts advise that if a ship is in deep water then it will capsize and sink faster than you can use the equipment; it is also considered by MCA experts that if in shallow water the ship will rest on the bottom and there would be sufficient time to helicopter the necessary equipment over from the shore if it is needed.”

A UK government consultation paper provides reassurance of the futility of safety equipment on ferries. They will also sink faster than you can evolve gills.

“I believe it is fundamentally wrong for the concept of reducing costs for business to be put before safety.”

Surprisingly, Nautilus general-secretary Mark Dickinson is not entirely in agreement with the MCA’s conclusions.

UK bid to trim ferry safety measures causes concern

“The plan is expected to reduce the debt obligations of the company by approximately $975m and enhance the company’s liquidity.”

Not a bad day’s work for Eagle Bulk as it announced a pre-packaged bankruptcy plan.

Eagle Bulk set for Chapter 11

“There are talks in the market that Oriental Energy requires as many as 20 VLGCs.”

A shipping player sets pulses racing among gas-orientated shipyards.

Oriental Energy drives fresh surge in VLGC orders

“It has been seriously discussed. It’s possible — not saying it will happen.”

A source close to Genco and Baltic Trading cannot rule out a merger between the two companies.

Genco and Baltic ponder joining forces - if it fits

“In some people’s mind, containers are just business and it’s dry bulk that is actually shipping.”

Chief executive William Xu of New Seas Navigation (NSN) forgets about tankers.

New Seas flush with cash for dry ships

“If one of the two incumbent operators were for sale, we certainly would be a willing buyer and be willing to pay a fair market price for that asset.”

Matson boss Matt Cox believes everything has its price.

Matson prepared to acquire fleets to work Alaska trade

“As global trade grows and the Egyptian economy needs to develop its sources of hard currency, we had to think about the project of digging a new Suez Canal.”

Mohab Mamish, head of the Suez Development Authority, says everyone will be a winner if the canal is expanded.

Egypt in $8.4bn Suez upgrade