UK Coastguard rescues seafarer

Dramatic footage shows how an injured seaman is brought to safety.

An injured seafarer was rescued by the UK Coastguard in a successful long-range mission.

A helicopter was deployed 230 miles north west of the Isle of Lewis in harsh weather conditions.

UK Coastguard said the vessel needed to make its way closer to the Isle of Lewis while a translator played a vital role during the operation as the crew did not speak English.

Mark Rodaway, UK Coastguard commander, said: “In this weather and at this range, it was vital that the helicopter was able to rendezvous with the vessel and evacuate the injured crewman with as little delay as possible.

“This is a superb example of international co-operation and we would like to thank all those who have played their part in bringing this rescue to a textbook conclusion.”

RAF Hercules assisted the rescue mission, which was hampered by the bad weather.



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