Salvage plan awaited for holed boxship

Danish authorities working with Peter Dohle to patch up grounded Victoria.

Danish authorities are working with Peter Dohle of Germany on a plan to salvage a boxship that suffered a 50-metre tear in its hull after grounding last week.

But Michael Horn, watch leader of Defence Command Denmark (DCD), told the Fyens daily there would be legal action against the owner of the 1,678-teu Victoria (built 2004) if the accident off Funen on 10 February was found to be the vessel's fault.

Evidence is being gathered, he added, "but but we await the company's recovery plan."

Dohle has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Oiled birds have been sighted and clumps of fuel have been found on local beaches, but it has not definitely been shown to have come from Victoria.

A fuel tank was breached, but the cold sea water solidified the remaining oil.

"The risk of further emissions are minimal," Horn said. "The discharge that should happen has happened, so we expect no more oil spills."

The ship reportedly has a 50m by 20cm crack along its port side, nine metres below the waterline.

It was heading towards Fredericia when it grounded north of Funen. It was ordered to drop anchor.