Greek reefer sinks in South Atlantic

Holed Uruguay Reefer goes down after being towed away from Falkland Islands.

A Greek reefer has sunk in the South Atlantic after being holed by ice.

The 520,787-cbf Uruguay Reefer (built 1993) spent 10 days adrift and then under tow following the incident on 7 May.

Merco Press said the Baltmed Reefer Services vessel finally went down on Monday after being towed away from the Falkland Islands conservation zone.

It was loaded with squid and krill when it hit floating ice near the South Shetland Islands.

Cargo holds flooded and crew were transferred to another Baltmed ship, while a third company reefer took it in tow.

Its final resting place is 350 miles north-east of the Falklands.