UK holds five

Port state inspectors in the UK detained five ships during April, including a Great Circle bulker.
Inspectors: five ships held

Inspectors: five ships held

The Thai owner’s 28,400-dwt Urawee Naree (built 1997) was held on 30 April in Belfast with 12 deficiencies, of which eight were grounds for detention.

These included faults relating to machinery spaces, the reserve source of energy, firefighting equipment and a blocked means of escape.

Also on the list was a holed tug, the 330-gt Eide Rex (built 1975). It was held in Cairnryan on 7 April.

And the 7,800-dwt cargoship Rawan (built 1982) was detained on 9 April in Cardiff with 36 deficiencies, of which three were grounds for detention.

The vessel, operated by Shark Marine of the Marshall Islands, was found to have problems with its radio installation, a lack of familiarity with lifesaving appliances and ISM code faults.

There was also a dirty engine room and bulkhead corrosion.

It was released on 17 April.

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