‘State of emergency’

Ecuador has declared a state of emergency in the Galapagos Islands over the grounding of a cargoship.

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Although most of the fuel and 70% cargo has been removed from the 99,057-cbf BC Galapaface 1 (built 1979), authorities said the emergency declaration will allow the government to quickly pay for salvage needs to remove the ship from the protected archepielago.

The effort is expected to take three to four weeks, Galapagos National Park director Arturo Izurieta told the Associated Press newswire.

The Ecuador-flagged reefer fish carrier, which is controlled by local Cruising Galapagos, developed a list after running aground 9 May off San Cristobal island.

The salvage effort is expected to cost $6m.

The ship is classed by Lloyd’s Register, according to the French Transport Ministry’s Equasis database.


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