Damaged ship detained

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has detained a general cargoship that suffered hull damage off Port Taranaki.

The Singapore-flagged 32,300-dwt Lake Triview (built 2009) ran into trouble last Saturday when it dragged anchor in stormy conditions, the Taranaki Daily News reported.

Port Taranaki was closed to shipping at the weekend because of the weather, and ships were sent to sea.

MNZ spokesman Steve Rendle said the ship's master was charged under the Maritime Transport Act for not notifying it quickly enough of the damage.

He added: "The ship has been damaged, then headed back out to sea, re-anchored and then berthed as normal on Tuesday."

The captain will appear in the New Plymouth district court next Wednesday.

The newspaper said the ship ran into a rock reef and the damage included at least 12 holes, one of which was big enough for a diver to fit through.

There were no reports of pollution or injury.

Repairs could take up to three months.

Canadian manager Fairmount Shipping said a P&I representative was in Taranaki dealing with the situation, which it described as “unfortunate” and “due to the weather.” Its insurer is listed as the UK P&I club.