Near miss for Maersk

A Maersk boxship needed a tow after a near miss with a sandbank off New Zealand.

The 3,078-teu Maersk Batur (built 2009) lost power while navigating Otago Harbour and was pulled into deeper water by two tugs, in an April incident that has only just emerged.

It was reported by Port Otago to Maritime New Zealand (MNZ), the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) and Otago's harbour master.

But MNZ has, since February, suspended publishing its monthly incident summaries, as it considers privacy issues, the Otago Daily Times said.

It only came to light in parliamentary question time.

Maersk Batur was reported as having had ''possible contact'' with sand at the edge of the channel in Otago Harbour.

Maersk NZ operations manager Stuart Jennings said he understood there had been a "fuel-flow failure", leading to the vessel's master dropping anchor and restarting the engine, all of which had taken only a ''short time'', he said.