Trending down

Rates are continuing to slip across the market but in a steady day by day erosion rather than in a more spectacular way.

There was reasonable activity today but the Baltic Exchange’s capesize index is down 53 points this week as the market moves into February.

The Baltic panamax index is down 39, while the supramaxes index has lost 28 points compared to the start of the week. The overall Baltic dry index fell 42 points this week.


STX Pan Ocean fixed the 179,000-dwt Hanjin Esperance (built 2012) for a 160,000 tonne South Africa – China ore delivery at $13.25 a tonne.

Rio Tinto is paying $7.00 a tonne for Vision Shipmanagement’s 180,000-dwt Amity (built 2009) carrying a 160,000 tonne cargo of Australian ore to China.

Kepco fixed a yet to be nominated Polaris vessel to carry a 130,000 tonne cargo of Indonesian coal to South Korea for $6.18 a tonne.

EdF got Swiss Marine’s 169,0000-dwt Certoux (built 2000) for a Europe – Colombia return voyage for $9,250 a day.


Cobelfret chartered Aegean Bulk’s 81,000-dwt Inspiration (built 2010) for four to seven months trading at $7,125 a day.

STX Pan Ocean booked the 74,000-dwt Torm Anholt (built 2004) for a Brazil – China run for $14,000 a day plus a ballast bonus of $400,000.

Clipper hired the 73,000-dwt Great Bless (built 1997) for a Gulf of Mexico to India voyage for $13,500 a day plus a ballast bonus of $350,000.

Oldendorff is paying $8,000 a day plus a ballast bonus of $435,000 to get the 87,000-dwt Athanassios GO (built 2011) for a South Africa to China run.

Glencore fixed the 75,000-dwt Samjohn Amity (built 1998) for an India – South American – China odyssey for $7,500 a day.

Undisclosed charterers took the 75,000-dwt Morning Cloud (built 2011) for a Japan – North Pacific – Far East voyage for $7,000 a day.

Oldendorff got the 93,000-dwt Indus Triumph (built 2012) for a South Africa – India voyage for $6,500 a day plus a ballast bonus of $325,000.

Trafigura booked the 75,000-dwt Silver Phoenix (built 2006) at $6,500 a day for two laden legs out of Spain, taking in the Gulf of Mexico before a return to Europe.

Norden is paying $6,000 a day plus a ballast bonus of $300,000 for the 73,000-dwt Dimitris L (built 2001) making a North Pacific or Australia to Far East voyage.

STX Pan Ocean took the 74,000-dwt Guava Prem (built 2005) for an Australia – Persian Gulf voyage for $6,000 a day plus a ballast bonus of $300,000.

Undisclosed charterers hired the 81,000-dwt Vishva Vijay (built 2013) for a North Pacific - China voyage for $5,750 a day plus a ballanst bonus of 280,000.

Vitol is playing $14.60 a tonne for a 70,000 tonne coal cargo to be carried from the Mississippi to the UK.

VSP fixed a similiarly sized coal cargo from Australia to India for $13.50 a tonne.


Phaeton fixed Cido’s 56,000-dwt Pos Island (built 2006) for 65 to 152 days at $8,500 a day.

Cargill got to 57,000-dwt Mare Trader (built 2010) for a Gulf of Mexico to Eastern Mediterranean voyage for $16,500 a day.

Chinese charterers are paying $8,250 a day for the 57,000-dwt Ci Yun Shan (built 2010) making a Singapore – Indonesia – China run.

European interests hired the 53,000-dwt Mairouli (built 2005) for an Indonesia – India voyage at $8,000 a day plus a ballast bonus of $80,000.







Dry index


charter_down.jpg1,454 (-14)

charter_down.jpg664 (-13)

charter_down.jpg682 (-2)

charter_down.jpg449 (-6)

charter_down.jpg750 (-10)


charter_down.jpg1,468 (-9)

charter_down.jpg677 (-13)

charter_down.jpg684 (-4)

charter_down.jpg455 (-6)

charter_down.jpg760 (-7)


charter_down.jpg1,477 (-14)

charter_down.jpg690 (-13)

charter_down.jpg688 (-7)

charter_down.jpg461 (-6)

charter_down.jpg767 (-12)


charter_down.jpg1,491 (-16)

charter_down.jpg703 (-10)

charter_down.jpg695 (-15)

charter_down.jpg467 (-5)

charter_down.jpg779 (-13)


charter_down.jpg1,507 (-13)

charter_down.jpg713 (-5)

charter_down.jpg710 (-1)

charter_down.jpg472 (-3)

charter_down.jpg792 (-6)


charter_down.jpg1,520 (-21)

charter_down.jpg718 (-5)

charter_down.jpg711 (-1)

charter_down.jpg475 (-3)

charter_down.jpg798 (-10)


charter_down.jpg1,541 (-23)

charter_down.jpg723 (-4)

charter_down.jpg712 (-1)

charter_even.jpg478 ( 0)

charter_down.jpg808 (-9)


charter_down.jpg1,564 (-13)

charter_down.jpg727 (-2)

charter_down.jpg713 (-8)

charter_up.jpg478 ( 1)

charter_down.jpg817 (-8)


charter_down.jpg1,577 (-27)

charter_down.jpg729 (-7)

charter_down.jpg721 (-7)

charter_up.jpg477 ( 3)

charter_down.jpg825 (-13)


charter_down.jpg1,604 (-1)

charter_down.jpg736 (-4)

charter_down.jpg728 (-2)

charter_up.jpg474 ( 4)

charter_up.jpg838 ( 1)




VLCCs charge ahead

All other tanker sectors slump, led by LR1s and suezmaxes.

  • 10 Apr 12:10 GMT

Dry cargo

Dry bulk recovery continues

Most dry bulk indices were up this week allowing the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) to gain more ground.

  • 31 Mar 15:03 GMT


ConTex keeps improving

The Hamburg Shipbrokers' Association index gets closer to the 400-point mark.

4,250 teu
2,700 teu
1,100 teu
  • 20 Apr 15:05 GMT


Anchor-handlers improve

The latest rig moves have cleaned Norway out of ships.

Large PSV
Small PSV
  • 07 Apr 09:22 GMT