Shipmanagement giant looks to aviation for digital assistance

Merging Columbia Shipmanagement and Marlow Navigation have looked to draw on aviation industry digital expertise by signing a new partnership deal with Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

Columbia president Mark O’Neil says the project aims to create a “truly transformational digital environment” that will allow customers to be fully integrated in vessel operations.

Columbia and Marlow will work with Lufthansa Industry Solutions to provide information on topics from performance monitoring, to predictive maintenance and crew planning.

“The net gain will be huge insofar as we will not need to re-invent the wheel,” the executive said.

“The airline industry is far ahead of the maritime sector in many of the areas being considered and this knowledge and experience will be imported and developed at no cost.

“We will therefore be better and more quickly able to develop and update our own systems and then going forward – stay ahead.”

A union between Columbia and Marlow first emerged last November with exploratory talks to combine their businesses. The deal is still awaiting regulatory approval.