Snapshot of London International Shipping Week

Keep up to date with the best images from the ongoing event in the UK capital.

Shipowner Andreas Sohmen-Pao, UK trade minister Liam Fox and broadcaster John Humphrys took centre stage today at London International Shipping Week.

While Sohmen-Pao presented a positive read of the shipping sector not free of risks, Fox looked to present a key role for shipping in the post Brexit world.

"This government entered office with the ambition to make Britain the world's greatest advocate of free trade, forging agreements with old allies and new friends to extend commercial freedoms across the globe," Fox said.

"The shipping industry is the keystone of global trade and we will do everything we can to extend our support to your operations here in the UK," he told a conference on Thursday morning.

"As a government and as a country, we are committed to strengthening this vital sector."

Fox said shipping would be a "vital partner" for government as it looked to build new trading relationships.

"The task is going to be that economics and the prosperity and well being of our people take precedent over political ideology," Fox said.

"It's imperative we put the principles of free and open trade and the prosperity of our people at the top of the agenda," he said.