Seanergy in the clear

Greek bulker owner Seanergy Maritime Holdings will retain its Nasdaq listing after meeting the exchange’s rules on shareholders’ equity.

The company said it had received a letter on Tuesday saying it had regained compliance with Nasdaq’s rules.

On 9 January, it had been granted a conditional listing until 28 April, provided it brought shareholders’ equity back to the required level of $2.5m.

CEO Stamatis Tsantanis said: "We are pleased to announce the successful resolution of this matter and the continued listing of the company's shares on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

“Following this positive development, we are now focused on implementing our business plan for the company's growth."

The owner sold off the last of its bulkers this year to pay off bank debt.

Last week it said it had agreed to buy four capesizes from companies linked to its biggest shareholder, Victor Restis.