BG trials new LNG hull

UK group working on streamlined design for next-generation ships in Brazil.

BG Group has revealed a new project to develop a more streamlined generation of LNG carriers.

Codenamed Blue Amazon, the project also involves class society Bureau Veritas, software company HydrOcean and tank developer GTT, together with the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The company said the shape of the hull and cargo tanks are crucial in reducing resistance through the water, which can save money.

BG has been trying to ensure the design is practical and cost-effective to build, following 18 months of computer modelling and testing.

If built, it should cut fuel use and corresponding emissions by between 3% and 5%.

Michael Davison, BG Group’s project development manager for ship design and construction, said: “Three to five percent savings may not sound much, but if you’ve got a large fleet of say 30, 40 ships, each burning around 80 tonnes of fuel a day, you can imagine the emissions and commercial advantage of such savings.

“Over a year, a fleet of such ships would be saving approximately 32,000 tonnes of LNG fuel."

BG said it has discussed the design with Korean shipyards. A final design is expected to emerge in March 2016.

“The project teams – considering they’re not shipbuilders – have created a good design to start challenging the yards,” added Davison.