Rickmers five identified?

Rickmers Group’s second hand boxship swoop this week is thought to have involved five vessels from bankrupt KG funds.

The German owner announced it had moved on the 2,200-teu ships in a deal valued at around $30m.

While it did not identify the ships involved, brokers suggest the Ahrenkiel-managed Anglia (built 1999), Asturia, Alicantia, Aquitania (all built 2000), and the Andalusia (built 2001) are the vessels purchased.

They last made TradeWinds headlines in February after the three KG funds which owned them filed for bankruptcy, leaving their future uncertain.

That move took into double figures the number of boxships funds declared insolvent in recent months by Fondshaus Hamburg (FHH), the issuing house of the Ahrenkiel group.

“Rickmers regards this particular vessel size as one of the few market segments with positive short term upside potential for the charter rates inter alia as the number of vessels in this segment decreased in 2012,” it said in a statement.

Ron Widdows-led Rickmers took its fleet to 97 ships with the deal.