New chief for MPA

Andrew Tan Kok has been named as the new chief executive of Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA).
Singapore is to have a new CEO of the MPA

Singapore is to have a new CEO of the MPA

He takes over the role on 1 January 2014 from present incumbent Lam Yi Young, whi has held the post since May 2009.

Tan, 46, a graduated from King’s College, University of London, was recently chief executive of Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA).

He has held various senior roles in Singapore’s civil service and at one point was principal private secretary to former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Announcing the leadership change, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport thanked Lam “for his significant contributions.”

The ministry noted that during his tenure Singapore maintained its standing as the world’s busiest port in terms of annual vessel arrivals by tonnage.

The Republic also remained the world’s top bunkering port and ranked among the world’s top ten ship registries.

Ministry officials said Lam will now be posted to another ministry as part of his Administrative Service tour, however details were not disclosed.

The MPA is a statutory board with the responsibility for formulating policies and strategies in support of Singapore’s drive to be an attractive maritime hub.

Specific functions include attracting shipowners, operators and ancillary maritime service to the country and contributing to international efforts in navigational safety, maritime security and protection of the marine environment.

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