Fugro joins MH370 hunt

Fugro has been contracted to support the underwater search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370).

The Dutch-based company secured the contract from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) which is overseeing the search.

Fugro will deploy its 1,900-gt survey vessel Fugro Equator (built 2012) for the work offshore Western Australia.

The vessel, fitted with multi-beam echo sounder equipment, will conduct a bathymetric survey of the search area.

Fugro said the seabed data obtained will assist in the production of maps of the seabed offshore Western Australia.

“This area is relatively uncharted and the maps will assist in planning subsequent stages of the MH370 search,” Fugro said in a statement.

Fugro and the ATSB expect the Bahamas-flagged Fugro Equator to begin its operations by the middle of this month.

More than three months have passed since the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people aboard.

The aircraft is believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, but an extensive search has turned up no sign of wreckage.