US crew released

The crew of a US salvage ship have returned home after 52 days in a Honduran jail on gun-smuggling charges.

The case against the six seafarers, aged between 26 and 60, was dismissed by a local court.

The crew of the Aqua Quest (built 1964), owned by Florida’s Aqua Quest International, were held hours after arriving in Puerto Lempira on 5 May.

The vessel had a contract with a local council to remove logs that were blocking boat access to island villages.

Company officials said they told port officials in advance they would be carrying guns for protection against pirates.

"I feel like a piece of jelly," captain and company president Robert Mayne told Reuters. "I am exhausted emotionally, drained and exhausted, but I feel very good."

"We didn't violate any law," he added.

A spokesman for the Honduran armed forces said last month the crew was arrested because it did not have permits to possess guns in the country.