Farstad flotilla fixed

Farstad Shipping has unveiled a string of contracts for its anchor-handlers and platform supply vessels running to over $280m.

The charters show a host of fresh deals and extended contracts.

Farstad says Pertobras has prolonged its hire of the 19,200-bhp Far Santana (built 2000) for four years.

Another two anchor-handlers – the 14,700-bhp Far Stream and Far Sword (both built 2006) – have been taken by Inpex for a firm 40 month period.

In a statement to investors, Farsatd said the charterer also has options on the two vessels running for a further 24 months.

A third boat, the 4,900-dwt PSV Far Seeker (built 2008), is also joining Inpex on an 18 month deal, which includes options for a further two years.

Woodside energy has fixed the spot trading 24,400-bhp Far Sirius (built 2014) for an initial 18 months, and taken the Far Stream on a short 60-day deal prior to it joining Inpex.

Farstad has also bagged two PSV contracts with Esso Australia.

It has hired the 4,700-dwt Far Supplier (built 1999) for up to five years and the 3,100-dwt Far Scandia (built 1991) for 10 months plus options.

Statoil has fixed the 4,000-dwt Far Scotsman (built 2012) in Tanzania for eight months firm. It also has a further six options all for a six month period.

A selection of shorter deals were also announced by the Oslo-listed shipowner, which combined with the longer contracts are worth a collective NOK 1.75bn ($282m)

ENI Australia has fixed the 14,700-bhp Far Sabre (built 2008) and Far Sound (built 2007) on 110-day deals. Options extend for a further 35 days.

Sinopec has added the 12,200-bhp Lady Caroline (built 2003) for 60 days.

Karoon Petroleo & Gas has taken the 24,400-dwt Far Senator (built 2013) for five months in a contract that also includes four 30-day optional periods.

Farstad shares slipped a fraction to NOK 109.50 each at the time of writing Thursday, valuing the company at NOK 4.27bn.