Indo piracy crackdown

Indonesia is about to take the fight to piracy gangs operating in the region with a string of measures designed to combat the problem.

The country is set to establish a series of safe anchorages within some ports, according to Intercargo and Skuld P&I Club.

These designated areas will reportedly be “monitored and patrolled regularly” by the Indonesian Marine Police.

Intercargo says the safe anchorages will be set up at: Belawan: 03:55.00N-098:45.30E, Dumai: 01:42.00N-101:28.00E, Nipah: 01:07.30N-103:37.00E, Tanjung Priok: 06:00.30S-106:54.00E, Gresik: 07:09.00S-112:40.00E, Taboneo: 04:41.30S-114:28.00E, Adang Bay: 01:40.00S-116:40.00E, Muara Berau: 00:17.00S-117:36.00E, Muara Jawa: 01:09.00S-117:13.00E and Balikpapan: 01:22.00S-116:53.00E.

Until recently almost all attacks off Indonesia were opportunistic ‘smash and grab’ type robberies on vessels in port or at anchor, according to security consultants AKE Maritime.

But according to Skuld pirates have started to target tankers in South Asian waters for the purpose of hijackings and cargo thefts.

“This is a very serious new development for piracy risks in these waters, which are already the location of theft and armed robbery incidents,” it said.

Dryad Maritime recently warned shipowners operating small tankers in waters around Singapore to keep their operational details secret.

The UK-based security outfit said information on vessel movements and cargoes must be restricted to those that need to know.

It argues that that insider information may be at the heart of a several recent attacks involving cargo thefts in Southeast Asia.