www.tradewindsnews.com http://www.tradewindsnews.com/ www.tradewindsnews.com Uncertainty fuels sell-off http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349460/Uncertainty-fuels-sell-off Shares of Knightsbridge Shipping took a beating Friday after posting a third-quarter loss that was overshadowed by a dividend cut. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349460/Uncertainty-fuels-sell-off Fri, 21 Nov 2014 21:46:56 +0000 finance Pullmantur expands http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349459/Pullmantur-expands A leading cruiseship operator appears to be moving forward with a campaign aimed at expanding its presence in Latin America. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349459/Pullmantur-expands Fri, 21 Nov 2014 18:47:01 +0000 liner Dag digs in http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349458/Dag-digs-in The chief executive of American Shipping Company (AMSC) has acquired more shares of his own company. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349458/Dag-digs-in Fri, 21 Nov 2014 18:07:56 +0000 finance Cape hunt continues http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349457/Cape-hunt-continues Knightsbridge Shipping and Golden Ocean may pursue more acquisitions upon completion of a merger that will create one of the world’s largest operators of capesize bulkers. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349457/Cape-hunt-continues Fri, 21 Nov 2014 17:25:44 +0000 drycargo Fitch tunes up Sovcomflot http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349452/Fitch-tunes-up-Sovcomflot Fitch has flipped to a more positive stance on OAO Sovcomflot following a tanker market recovery and stronger than expected results for the shipowner this year. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349452/Fitch-tunes-up-Sovcomflot Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:51:32 +0000 finance DFDS comes strong http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349407/DFDS-comes-strong Closing routes and network adjustments have not been a major obstacle for ro-pax owner DFDS, as it boosted third quarter earnings. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349407/DFDS-comes-strong Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:42:04 +0000 liner Medvedev's wake-up call http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349446/Medvedevs-wake-up-call Russia's shipyards are lagging far behind global rivals, according to prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349446/Medvedevs-wake-up-call Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:31:57 +0000 shipsales StealthGas profit dips http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349443/StealthGas-profit-dips Greek LPG owner StealthGas has fallen behind Wall Street expectations as it posted a smaller profit during the third quarter. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349443/StealthGas-profit-dips Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:05:02 +0000 gas TEN hits the mark http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349442/TEN-hits-the-mark Tsakos Energy Navigation (TEN) has set a dividend increase in place after a strong return to profit in the third quarter. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349442/TEN-hits-the-mark Fri, 21 Nov 2014 14:30:13 +0000 finance Russians eye $540m order http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349439/Russians-eye-540m-order A Russian company is in talks to order at least 30 ships from shipyards in Russia and Azerbaijan. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349439/Russians-eye-540m-order Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:55:36 +0000 shipsales Fincantieri on board http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349441/Fincantieri-on-board Carnival Corporation has agreed a deal with Italian shipyard Fincantieri to develop a cruiseship-building joint venture for the Chinese market. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349441/Fincantieri-on-board Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:43:59 +0000 liner Ross quits Navigator board http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349431/Ross-quits-Navigator-board Wilbur Ross has quit the board of his first public shipping company after being awarded the vice chairmanship of the Bank of Cyprus. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349431/Ross-quits-Navigator-board Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:54:25 +0000 finance Evergreen profit spikes http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349425/Evergreen-profit-spikes Taiwanese line Evergreen has pushed up earnings in the third quarter as costs fell and revenue grew. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349425/Evergreen-profit-spikes Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:16:50 +0000 liner Schroders buys $50m Norden stake http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349424/Schroders-buys-50m-Norden-stake UK investment heavyweight Schroders plc has emerged as a major investor in Norden after amassing a $50m stake in the company. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349424/Schroders-buys-50m-Norden-stake Fri, 21 Nov 2014 11:56:45 +0000 finance Havyard clinches deal http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349420/Havyard-clinches-deal Norway's Havyard has inked a contract for the construction of two ice-breaking offshore vessels, worth just over NOK 1bn ($148m). n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349420/Havyard-clinches-deal Fri, 21 Nov 2014 11:41:52 +0000 shipsales Teekay's tanker mutiny http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349426/Teekays-tanker-mutiny The Australian crew of a Teekay Shipping-operated tanker facing likely redundancy have refused to leave the vessel. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349426/Teekays-tanker-mutiny Fri, 21 Nov 2014 11:20:19 +0000 tankers Tactics in play in Torm talks http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349413/Tactics-in-play-in-Torm-talks Tactics in the restructuring room at Torm began to play out publicly today as the Danish owner warned of a technical breach in a loan facility. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349413/Tactics-in-play-in-Torm-talks Fri, 21 Nov 2014 11:19:41 +0000 finance Costs hit Havyard http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349414/Costs-hit-Havyard Higher operating expenses have hurt Norway’s Havyard during the third quarter, which saw the company make less despite increased revenue. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349414/Costs-hit-Havyard Fri, 21 Nov 2014 10:39:34 +0000 shipsales Buying like Boycott http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349419/Buying-like-Boycott Galbraith’s has drawn inspiration from legendary England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott as it seeks to explain the present state of the sale and purchase market. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349419/Buying-like-Boycott Fri, 21 Nov 2014 10:28:53 +0000 shipsales Five years to sell http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349412/Five-years-to-sell German lender Nord/LB plans to shed its non-performing shipping loans by 2019. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349412/Five-years-to-sell Fri, 21 Nov 2014 10:28:50 +0000 finance HHI workers walk http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349417/HHI-workers-walk Workers at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) carried out their first industrial action in 18 years on Thursday. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349417/HHI-workers-walk Fri, 21 Nov 2014 09:51:08 +0000 shipsales Golden Ocean's loan hope http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349401/Golden-Oceans-loan-hope Golden Ocean is confident of fixing up financing for its newbuildings and the unfunded vessels it will inherit following a pending merger with Knightsbridge. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349401/Golden-Oceans-loan-hope Fri, 21 Nov 2014 09:45:57 +0000 finance Awilco makes progress http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349406/Awilco-makes-progress Awilco LNG has reduced its deficit for the third quarter following a pick-up in activity in both the spot and mid-term LNG shipping markets. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349406/Awilco-makes-progress Fri, 21 Nov 2014 09:27:30 +0000 gas Canal work to start http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349402/Canal-work-to-start Work to cut the proposed $50bn Nicaragua Canal will begin next month. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349402/Canal-work-to-start Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:46:04 +0000 liner Zim cuts loss http://www.tradewindsnews.com/incoming/349400/Zim-cuts-loss Israeli container line Zim has reduced its loss in the third quarter, as freight rates rose. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/incoming/349400/Zim-cuts-loss Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:17:33 +0000 ece_incoming Celebration sold http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349398/Celebration-sold Carnival-owned Costa Cruises has sold a 1987-built cruiseship days after taking it from sister operator Iberocruises. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349398/Celebration-sold Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:51:06 +0000 shipsales BWO sees profit double http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349397/BWO-sees-profit-double BW Offshore has posted a healthy increase in its third quarter performance, helped by higher revenue and lower expenses. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349397/BWO-sees-profit-double Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:06:39 +0000 offshore Oldendorff wins JBIC funds http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349388/Oldendorff-wins-JBIC-funds Oldendorff Carriers has secured export credit financing for a pair of ultramax bulkers on order at shipbuilder Japan Marine United (JMU). dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349388/Oldendorff-wins-JBIC-funds Fri, 21 Nov 2014 05:34:36 +0000 finance Riding the suezmax wave http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349375/Riding-the-suezmax-wave Ridgebury Tankers has reported “strong results” in its first full quarter during which it operated its entire fleet of suezmax tankers. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349375/Riding-the-suezmax-wave Fri, 21 Nov 2014 02:56:38 +0000 tankers OSG + AMSC = MLP http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/346876/OSG--AMSC--MLP A growing number of investors are encouraging Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) to pursue a deeper union with American Shipping Company (AMSC). aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/346876/OSG--AMSC--MLP Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:18:12 +0000 businessfocus Exmar ‘delays’ MLP IPO http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349338/Exmar-‘delays’-MLP-IPO Exmar says it is ‘delaying’ the launch of the contemplated IPO of an LNG master limited partnership (MLP). dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349338/Exmar-‘delays’-MLP-IPO Fri, 21 Nov 2014 00:15:53 +0000 gas Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349332/Perhaps-perhaps-perhaps A 2014 launch of its pending IPO remains a possibility for Belgian tanker giant Euronav, its chief executive said today. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349332/Perhaps-perhaps-perhaps Thu, 20 Nov 2014 21:55:05 +0000 finance Jones Act-qualified oceangoing ATBs and ITBs http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/349087/Jones-Act-qualified-oceangoing-ATBs-and-ITBs A listing of the fleet of bluewater integrated tug-barges (ITBs) and articulated tug-barges (ATBs) protected by US cabotage law, according to records by the US Maritime Administration (Marad) as of October 2014: eric.martin@tradewindsnews.com (Eric Martin) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/349087/Jones-Act-qualified-oceangoing-ATBs-and-ITBs Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:47:58 +0000 businessfocus Jones Act-qualified newbuildings http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/349132/Jones-Act-qualified-newbuildings A listing of cargoship and articulated tug-barge (ATB) newbuildings on order at US yards: eric.martin@tradewindsnews.com (Eric Martin) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/349132/Jones-Act-qualified-newbuildings Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:46:17 +0000 businessfocus Bosporus bonus http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349266/Bosporus-bonus Suezmax rates are racing ahead in a week that has seen the market record the largest daily climb of the year. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349266/Bosporus-bonus Thu, 20 Nov 2014 16:18:52 +0000 tankers Rand seeks flexibility http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349284/Rand-seeks-flexibility Bulker owner Rand Logistics plans to register to sell up to $75m of securities. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349284/Rand-seeks-flexibility Thu, 20 Nov 2014 16:13:55 +0000 drycargo Navios confirms VL deal http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349272/Navios-confirms-VL-deal Navios Maritime Acquisition has confirmed the purchase of a VLCC from a Japanese owner. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349272/Navios-confirms-VL-deal Thu, 20 Nov 2014 15:15:32 +0000 shipsales WSG wins ferry deal http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349252/WSG-wins-ferry-deal UK security and defence company Westminster Group (WSG) has won a 21-year contract to operate a new ferry service and terminals in West Africa. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349252/WSG-wins-ferry-deal Thu, 20 Nov 2014 12:20:37 +0000 liner Bumi Armada profit dips http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349263/Bumi-Armada-profit-dips A more than 15% increase in revenue was not enough to prevent Bumi Armada from posting a drop in third quarter profit. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349263/Bumi-Armada-profit-dips Thu, 20 Nov 2014 12:19:26 +0000 offshore NAT toasts cheaper oil http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349262/NAT-toasts-cheaper-oil Herbjorn Hansson today celebrated the joys of a lower oil price for suezmax specialist Nordic American Tankers. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349262/NAT-toasts-cheaper-oil Thu, 20 Nov 2014 11:50:11 +0000 tankers G6 cuts Europe calls http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349264/G6-cuts-Europe-calls The G6 Alliance of container lines has temporarily halted European calls on its Pacific Atlantic 2 (PA2) service. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349264/G6-cuts-Europe-calls Thu, 20 Nov 2014 11:47:14 +0000 liner Monjasa: “slight” upturn http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349260/Monjasa-“slight”-upturn Danish fuel and tanker group Monjasa says it only has “limited” exposure to collapsed rival OW Bunker. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349260/Monjasa-“slight”-upturn Thu, 20 Nov 2014 11:27:46 +0000 finance BW LPG under fire, shares crash http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349259/BW-LPG-under-fire-shares-crash BW LPG shares crashed today on the back of a disappointing third quarter performance. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349259/BW-LPG-under-fire-shares-crash Thu, 20 Nov 2014 11:16:06 +0000 finance Attica boosts profit http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349255/Attica-boosts-profit Greece’s Attica Holdings has pushed up its profit during the third quarter on increased revenue. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349255/Attica-boosts-profit Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:56:43 +0000 liner FMC stops the clock http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349257/FMC-stops-the-clock The US has halted plans to combine two transpacific containership discussion groups. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349257/FMC-stops-the-clock Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:38:48 +0000 liner GasLog profit jumps http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349254/GasLog-profit-jumps New York-listed LNG carrier owner GasLog has added $22m to its net earnings in the third quarter as revenue soared. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349254/GasLog-profit-jumps Thu, 20 Nov 2014 09:51:07 +0000 gas CSG goes short again http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349161/CSG-goes-short-again China Shipping Group (CSG) is selling more short-term debt to boost working cash. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349161/CSG-goes-short-again Thu, 20 Nov 2014 07:38:27 +0000 finance Sewol boss jailed http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349160/Sewol-boss-jailed The head of the company that owned the Sewol ferry has been jailed for 10 years in South Korea. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349160/Sewol-boss-jailed Thu, 20 Nov 2014 07:12:12 +0000 casualties BW LPG profit rises http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349148/BW-LPG-profit-rises Improved freight rates and an expanding fleet have helped BW LPG post a 27% jump in third quarter net profit. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349148/BW-LPG-profit-rises Thu, 20 Nov 2014 04:10:40 +0000 gas Nimrod buys PSV stakes http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349147/Nimrod-buys-PSV-stakes Nimrod Sea Assets Limited has acquired majority stakes in two PSV newbuildings on the back of long-term charters. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349147/Nimrod-buys-PSV-stakes Thu, 20 Nov 2014 01:53:03 +0000 offshore Port Hedland strike off http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349145/Port-Hedland-strike-off Teekay has reached a deal with Australian tug engineers to avert a strike at Port Hedland scheduled for Saturday. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349145/Port-Hedland-strike-off Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:13:42 +0000 drycargo GLDD ups the ante http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349144/GLDD-ups-the-ante Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation has returned to the bond market for cash to cut debt and fund expansion. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349144/GLDD-ups-the-ante Wed, 19 Nov 2014 22:03:43 +0000 finance Seaspan pens ferries http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349138/Seaspan-pens-ferries Seaspan Ferries Corporation has inked a contract to construct a pair of dual-fuel ferries at a leading Turkish shipyard. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349138/Seaspan-pens-ferries Wed, 19 Nov 2014 20:23:35 +0000 liner USCG readies crackdown http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349134/USCG-readies-crackdown The US Coast Guard (USCG) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are gearing up for a coordinated campaign to enforce regulations designed to reduce air pollution. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349134/USCG-readies-crackdown Wed, 19 Nov 2014 18:58:29 +0000 casualties Blue Wall bags financing http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349131/Blue-Wall-bags-financing Blue Wall Shipping of Greece has turned to CIT Maritime Finance for ammunition to acquire a pair of bulkers. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349131/Blue-Wall-bags-financing Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:15:17 +0000 finance CMA CGM starts new run http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349129/CMA-CGM-starts-new-run A seasonal service between the east Mediterranean and the Black Sea will be introduced by CMA CGM this month, the French owner said. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349129/CMA-CGM-starts-new-run Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:14:33 +0000 liner Three more for OSM http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349124/Three-more-for-OSM OSM Hamburg has won a deal to manage three feederships reportedly sold by Erwin Strahlmann. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349124/Three-more-for-OSM Wed, 19 Nov 2014 15:50:14 +0000 liner Daiichi keeps cash flowing http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349126/Daiichi-keeps-cash-flowing Japanese owner Daiichi Chuo Kisen is believed to have sold its second bulker in a week. andy.pierce@tradewindsnews.com (Andy Pierce) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349126/Daiichi-keeps-cash-flowing Wed, 19 Nov 2014 15:27:48 +0000 drycargo Stena's methanol first http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349120/Stenas-methanol-first With the new low sulphur regulations approaching, Stena Line will start using methanol as a fuel on one of its vessels. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349120/Stenas-methanol-first Wed, 19 Nov 2014 15:02:33 +0000 liner New vessels, more costs http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349118/New-vessels-more-costs An expanded fleet has brought more operating costs at Fjord Line, which saw deeper red in its third quarter bottom line. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349118/New-vessels-more-costs Wed, 19 Nov 2014 14:26:56 +0000 liner Monjasa takes tanker http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349116/Monjasa-takes-tanker Danish bunker and tanker group Monjasa has bought a 2005-built vessel from Eships of Abu Dhabi. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349116/Monjasa-takes-tanker Wed, 19 Nov 2014 13:57:01 +0000 tankers Red Box orders duo http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349117/Red-Box-orders-duo Two polar-class vessels able to operate in severe ice conditions throughout the whole year have been ordered at Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI). n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349117/Red-Box-orders-duo Wed, 19 Nov 2014 13:37:49 +0000 shipsales Watch this space http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349114/Watch-this-space Peter Kerr-Dineen has promised a big impact in the market from Howe Robinson’s proposed merger with ICAP Shipping. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349114/Watch-this-space Wed, 19 Nov 2014 13:33:24 +0000 finance LSC loss grows http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349115/LSC-loss-grows Lithuanian Shipping Company (LSC) has revealed a bigger loss in the first nine months as revenue fell. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349115/LSC-loss-grows Wed, 19 Nov 2014 12:06:36 +0000 drycargo Marenave takes a hit http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349113/Marenave-takes-a-hit Germany’s Marenave Schiffahrts has fallen to a loss over the first nine months of 2014 due to an impairment charge. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349113/Marenave-takes-a-hit Wed, 19 Nov 2014 11:33:09 +0000 finance SHI scraps merger plan http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349110/SHI-scraps-merger-plan Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has cancelled a $2.5bn merger deal with Samsung Engineering as share buyback requests exceeded the set limit. n_roumpis@nhst.no (Nikolaos Roumpis) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349110/SHI-scraps-merger-plan Wed, 19 Nov 2014 11:26:29 +0000 shipsales Uljanik adds another http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349112/Uljanik-adds-another Croatian shipbuilder Uljanik has clinched a deal to build a jack-up platform vessel for Belgium’s GoSea. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/shipsales/349112/Uljanik-adds-another Wed, 19 Nov 2014 10:36:58 +0000 shipsales Galapagos ship sinks http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349109/Galapagos-ship-sinks All 13 crew have been rescued after their cargoship sank en route to the Galapagos Islands. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349109/Galapagos-ship-sinks Wed, 19 Nov 2014 10:19:59 +0000 casualties SCF profit soars http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349108/SCF-profit-soars Russian shipowner Sovcomflot (SCF) has posted a big jump in earnings for the third quarter as crude tanker rates improved. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/tankers/349108/SCF-profit-soars Wed, 19 Nov 2014 09:56:03 +0000 tankers Brokers to merge http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349107/Brokers-to-merge Howe Robinson Group (HRG) of Singapore and ICAP Shipping have confirmed market rumours that they are working towards a new shipbroking alliance. gary.dixon@tradewindsnews.com (Gary Dixon) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349107/Brokers-to-merge Wed, 19 Nov 2014 07:28:13 +0000 finance Cold US bad for VLGCs http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349106/Cold-US-bad-for-VLGCs LPG exports are dependent on the severity of winter in North America, according to the latest research published by Drewry. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/gas/349106/Cold-US-bad-for-VLGCs Wed, 19 Nov 2014 07:01:21 +0000 gas Floatel sale falls through http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349104/Floatel-sale-falls-through Plans by Jasper Investments to sell a converted accommodation vessel look to have all but floundered. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349104/Floatel-sale-falls-through Wed, 19 Nov 2014 06:17:36 +0000 offshore Arctic Sunrise detained http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349094/Arctic-Sunrise-detained A vessel belonging to environmental protest group Greenpeace has been detained by Spanish authorities. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/casualties/349094/Arctic-Sunrise-detained Wed, 19 Nov 2014 03:58:34 +0000 casualties PBR fixes five OSRVs http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349093/PBR-fixes-five-OSRVs Compagnie Maritime Monegasque (CMM) has secured long-term charters from Petrobras for five oil spill response vessels (OSRV). dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/offshore/349093/PBR-fixes-five-OSRVs Wed, 19 Nov 2014 03:34:12 +0000 offshore Jumbos replacing boxships http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349086/Jumbos-replacing-boxships A US logistics company is resorting to hiring 747 Jumbo jets to overcome the congestion at major US ports. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/liner/349086/Jumbos-replacing-boxships Wed, 19 Nov 2014 01:15:56 +0000 liner Strike threat remains http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349082/Strike-threat-remains Industrial action by marine engineers operating tugs in Port Hedland looks set to go ahead after they rejected a revised pay deal. dale.wainwright@tradewindsnews.com (Dale Wainwright) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/drycargo/349082/Strike-threat-remains Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:44:45 +0000 drycargo Down to the wire for DRYS http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349081/Down-to-the-wire-for-DRYS DryShips has emerged victorious in its crusade to refinance convertible notes that mature in less than two weeks. aaron.kelley@tradewindsnews.com (Aaron Kelley) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/finance/349081/Down-to-the-wire-for-DRYS Tue, 18 Nov 2014 22:58:45 +0000 finance Jones Act-qualified oceangoing cargoships http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/348917/Jones-Act-qualified-oceangoing-cargoships A listing of the fleet of bluewater cargo ships protected by US cabotage law, according to records by the US Maritime Administration (Marad) as of October 2014: eric.martin@tradewindsnews.com (Eric Martin) http://www.tradewindsnews.com/businessfocus/348917/Jones-Act-qualified-oceangoing-cargoships Tue, 18 Nov 2014 22:57:39 +0000 businessfocus