Greek merchant marine ministry vandalised

Anarchist group chucks red paint on shipping building after Agia Zoni II spill.

An anarchist group has poured red paint over the front of a Greek merchant marine ministry building in Piraeus.

The action by Rouvikonas was a protest about the way the Agia Zoni II tanker spill has been handled by the government, according to the Katherimerini daily.

The raid was carried out on Friday on a building housing the port regulatory authority and merchant ship inspection centre.

The group said the action was sparked by the “ecological crime in the Saronic Gulf and the impunity of the shipping industry.”

Greece has pledged to carry out urgent inspections on coastal tankers following the sinking of the 3,200-dwt ship (built 1972) off Salamis island on 10 September.

The slick from the fuel vessel has polluted 40km of coast in and around Athens.

The tanker's captain and chief engineer were charged with negligence and released pending trial.

They had been rescued from the ship.

The tanker was operated by Agia Zoni Shipping of Greece, which insisted it was seaworthy.

It is not yet known what caused the incident in mild weather.