Man of steel

Robert Bugbee has been crowned commodore of the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA).
 ‘Gangnam Style’

‘Gangnam Style’

The Scorpio boss accepted the organisation’s highest honour during a coronation ceremony that marked the conclusion of the Shipping 2014 conference in Stamford.

Oivind Lorentzen, Peter Georgiopoulos and other award winners from years past were on hand for emotional support during a ‘roast’ led by Richard du Moulin of Intrepid Shipping.

The master of ceremonies poked fun at Bugbee’s penchant for fuel-efficient product tankers and made a few colorful remarks about his feud with Morgan Stanley analyst Fotis Giannakoulis.

This was followed by a series of PowerPoint slides with a comical likeness of the commodore in a superhero costume with the moniker “Eco Man” etched on his chest.

Du Moulin handed out capes and bibs emblazoned with the motto “Truth, justice and the eco way” before leading a commodore chorus line set to the pop song ‘Gangnam Style’.

The dance number was a highlight for many attendees who said they also enjoyed Peter Evensen’s speech, which one delegate described as “hilarious but heartfelt”.

They noted the audience erupted with laughter when the Teekay Corp chief busted Bugbee’s chops about his title at Scorpio Tankers and Scorpio Bulkers with a clever one-liner inspired by the phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.

Bugbee received a standing ovation when the outgoing commodore handed over the iconic hat that is synonymous with CMA’s annual exhibition. As in years past the event was followed by a gala dinner and after-hours party in the lobby of the Hilton hotel.

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