Chem duo join Navig8

Pools giant Navig8 has added two more tankers to its growing fleet.

It said the 19,900-dwt chemical carrier TRF Miami (built 2008) will join the Stainless8 Pool this month.

The Fukuoka-built vessel appears to be the renamed Maemi II, listed as owned by Blue Wake Shipping of Singapore.

But the vessel was reported sold in March for $28m, and brokers said it is now under the ownership of Transportation Recovery Fund (TRF), the new Wilbur Ross-backed investment vehicle.

It becomes the nineteenth ship in the pool of 16,000 dwt to 22,500 dwt ships.

And the 45,000-dwt TRF Oslo will become the sixth vessel in the 44,000-dwt to 54,000-dwt Chronos8 Pool when it is delivered from Shina Shipbuilding in Korea in July.

It is listed as owned by Wilmar Ship Holdings of Singapore, but could also now be under TRF ownership.