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Skopelos (Ex: Samho Dream) 319,360 DWT, Tanker, Built 2002

Owners/Managers are Aeolos Management, Built at Hyundai Samho HI, Double Hull, Malta Flagged, LR Classed, Length Overall of 332.99 m., Length Between Perpendiculars of 319.00 m., Draught of 22.52 m., Beam of 60.00 m., 180.76 Tonnes per Centimetre Immersion, Gross Tonnage of 161,135, MAN B. & W. Engine, Speed of 16.10 kts at 104.70 tonnes per day, Heavy Fuel Oil, Horsepower of 39891, Bunker Capacity of 9,282 tonnes.

Owner/Manager Details

Aeolos Management S.A.

Specialised Details

Cargo Capacities of 339,055 cu.m. and 2,133,000 Barrels, Segregated Ballast Tanks, 15 Tanks, 3 Pumps with a total Capacity of 15,000 cu.m..

Additional information

IDENTIFICATION: Exnames are Samho Dream, Neptune, World Progress. Launch Name was World Progress. VLCC, Call Sign 9HA3602, IMO Number 9235737. DIMENSIONS/TONNAGES: Moulded Depth of 30.40 m., Lightship air draft of 55.70 m., Keel to mast air draft of 66.71 m., Tonnage of 152,891 Suez Canal Net, 110,526 International Net, 43,574 Light Displacement and 314,316 Dwt (long). ENGINE DETAILS: Engine Description 2 S.A. 6-cyl., Engine Model 6S90MC-C Mk5, 1 fixed pitch Propellor. CARGO HANDLING: 3 Cargo Separations, 5 Centre Tanks with a capacity of 157,952 cu.m., 10 Wing Tanks with a capacity of 181,103 cu.m., 3 Cargo Manifolds, Stern Discharge, Closed Loading System, Cargo connections have diameters of 26 inches, Manifold height above deck of 2.10 m., Distance from bow to centre manifold is 165.36 m., 3 Centrifugal Pump(s) in 1 Pumproom(s), Maximum operating capacity of cargo pumps is 15,000 t/hr, Steel cargo lines, Crude Oil Washing. SAFETY AND OTHER DETAILS: Last known special survey in March 2012, Ballast Capacity of 104,036 tonnes, Satellite Communications, Marpol Certificate, Solas Certificate, Inert Gas System.

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