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  • Female faces forge path for tomorrow’s leaders

    Bray, Adam Corbett, Geoff Garfield, Darrin Griggs, Michael Juliano, Ian Lewis, Eric Martin, Jim Mulrenan, Harry Papachristou, Andy Pierce and Bob Rust

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 24 May 14:11 GMT Lucy Hine

    In a changing world, Ifchor is still guided by the same values

    . “An algorithm will not replace the street-smart way of brokers.” Ian Lewis

    TW+  tradewindsnews.com 23 Nov 2017 Ian Lewis

    Schulte's rising sons: Keeping it in the family

    Hanseatic company forward. Both were made partners in 2013 under the watchful eye and guidance of chief executive Ian Beveridge, a 26-year veteran of the

    Liner  tradewindsnews.com 18 May 2017 Ian Lewis

    E-PAPER Liner players need new skills to avoid going the way of Hanjin

    whether the lines want it or not. As my colleague Ian Lewis reported last week, 3D printing, robotic manufacturing and other developments could make supply

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 02 Mar 2017

    E-PAPER Germany

    Moves to consolidate have not gone far enough and banks are losing patience, a situation reflected in the declining number of German-controlled vessels. Positive growth in the shipbuilding industry, following a surge of cruiseship orders, is one of the country’s few bright spots. Ian Lewis, Adam

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 16 Feb 2017

    Rickmers-Linie and Nordana merging

    the operation of around 220 mostly containership vessels.Ian Lewis London

    Liner  tradewindsnews.com 01 Jun 2016 Ian Lewis in London

    E-PAPER German shipping in a state of flux

    The struggles of the German shipowning and finance community contrast strongly with better times for the country’s shipyards, while equipment suppliers adjust to the weak market. Correspondents Ian Lewis, Adam Corbett and Roderick Craig report.

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 12 May 2016 Ian Lewis Hamburg; Adam Corbett Hamburg and Roderick Craig Oslo

    E-PAPER Shippers, get real: Cheap box transport is just not sustainable

    ’s busiest trade lanes, notably Asia-Europe, in freefall.As my colleague, Ian Lewis, has reported on the latest estimates for 2015, a 3.5% decline in box

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 24 Mar 2016 Terry Macalister London


    Can Van Meenen steer Rickmers beyond Germany?

    Ian Lewis meets the team brought in to make sure the 180-year-old firm’s strategy is fit for the 21st century

    TW+  tradewindsnews.com 10 Mar 2016 Ian Lewis

    E-PAPER Netherlands & Belgium Business Focus

    NEWS  tradewindsnews.com 12 Feb 2016 Roderick Craig