1. LNG’s age of steam comes up for review

Poten & Partners' Gary Smith says the LNG steam turbine fleet is facing ‘technical obsolescence’ although there may still be new lives ahead for some of these ships.

2. Shipowners change assumptions about vessel lifespans as LNG fleet grows

Newbuildings are leaving tri-fuel and dual-fuel diesel-electric market workhorses in their wake as industry sheds its conservatism on a ship’s economic life.

LNG newbuilding Celsius Canberra being lined up for delivery this year. Photo: JerryR

3. Values under scrutiny in a maturing market

Brokers and owners are tangling with the minefield that is valuations for LNG carriers in what has until recently at least proved a very illiquid market.

4. FSRU projects mushroom with conversions making a comeback

Cheap LNG prices and floating regasification are proving natural project partners boosting activity but even though the market is currently long on FSRUs not all the units available are fitting the development brief.

5. Bruised FSRU players outline project hurdles

Trying to break into floating regasification can be a rough and, often perplexing, ride for shipowners. Read about some of the hurdles being encountered along the way.

We need solutions that will work now and they should not be costing more than $20m

He Yi Yong

6. Forget onshore terminals and FSRUs it’s ‘retail LNG’ that counts

He Yi Yong from LNG Easy wants to take an Elon Musk-style approach to cutting the cost of delivering LNG to the smallest customers and told TradeWinds just how it can be done.

7. Jettisoning the jetty may be the way to cut FSRU project costs

Others have tried, but newly created Stena Power & LNG Solutions believes it has come up with a winning suite of new units to deliver LNG more cheaply to new markets.

8. Shell sees growth potential to retrofit ships for LNG fuelling

Downstream LNG head Tahir Faruqui says retrofitting existing vessels will improve a vessel’s emissions and extend its life while allowing owners and operators to cash in competitive LNG pricing over conventional fuels.

9. Smaller LNG ships in demand for projects and bunkering

Affinity (Shipping)’s team believe the market will be short on small-scale LNG ships. Speculative order anyone?

10. LNG bunker vessels quietly multiply as demand inches

Fearnley LNG Advisors says infrastructure funds are beginning to take an interest in LNG bunkering which suggest that project prospects in the sector are looking up.