An orange tabby cat has pulled off an astonishing feat of endurance by surviving a whole month in a container being shipped from China to Canada.

The emaciated six-year-old female was found among pallets and foam pellets in a box that arrived in Vancouver from Shenzhen.

CBC cited the animal charity SPCA as saying the animal had no food or water.

So how did it stay alive? By licking the condensation that formed on the walls of the container.

The resourceful cat weighed just 1.5kg when it was discovered.

How many of its nine lives remain was not reported.

But the formidable feline is now being nursed back to health by the charity.


Environmental sustainability through urban farming Photo: IKEA

Speaking of shipping containers, we all know they’re pretty versatile things, particularly when it comes to providing the building blocks for cheap housing or commercial premises.

But IKEA’s latest use of them is a new one to TradeWinds.

The furniture giant is growing lettuces in boxes outside its stores in Malmo and Helsingborg, Sweden.

The plan is to serve the produce at its restaurants.

The company says the project is part of its move towards environmental sustainability through urban farming.

Each box uses a hydroponic growing system and can hold 3,600 plants.

Light comes from LED bulbs powered with by renewable energy.

Lettuce hope they aren’t transported as flat-pack.