Below, you will find the questions for a crossword puzzle designed to deliver a weekly web news roundup to readers who want to ensure they are armed with the latest market intelligence from TradeWinds without damaging their liver.


  1. Click on the “TradeWinds Weekly Crossword- Puzzle grid and questions” link, which is located under the Related Media section to the right of this article, and print the blank puzzle grid.
  2. Answer the questions, which can be found below or on the printed puzzle. Each numbered question corresponds to a specific row or column on the printed grid. Fill the blank spaces with the letters that form the words and phrases of your answers.
  3. After filling out the grid click on the “TradeWinds Weekly Crossword-Answer key” link where you can check your answers against the key.


Hint: If you’re stuck (peeking at the answer key is considered cheating), clues can be found by clicking on the blue hyperlinks below each of the numbered questions. Each of the links correspond to the article that inspired the question.



(2) Which shipping segment will Norden target for expansion after spotting what its CEO described as a “long-window of opportunity”?

(Norden re-aims the gun)

(4) What is the name of the Russian oil major that firmed up crude supply contracts with Vitol and Glencore?

(Crude pact complete)

(5) Which shipyard has secured a contract to build a pair of long-range-two product tankers for Scorpio Tankers?

(Scorpio on script)

(7) What is the name of the Berkshire Hathaway-backed railway that is pursuing LNG power for its fleet of locomotives?

(LNG put to the test)

(9) What is the name of the former GE executive who is heading a new fund that is looking to raise $750m for the acquisition of between 25 and 35 containerships?

(Mitsubishi backs box raid)

(10) What is the last name of the secretary general and chief executive of BIMCO who will be replaced by Angus Frew?

(Frew to lead BIMCO)

(12) What is the name of the bulker that has emerged as the first ship to be detained by the US Coast Guard for alleged violations of Marpol Annex VI fuel rules?

(Stage set for ECA crackdown)

(13) What is the name of the Norwegian boxship owner that reported a 2012 loss of $20.3m and is still in the process of trying to refinance three vessels and shore up its capital base?

(Finance pain endures)

(14) Which vessel was involved in a fatal casualty the led to the arrest of two directors of Indian owner Pratibha Shipping?

(Pratibha bosses held)

(15) What is the first name of the chairman of the bank that took another EUR 70m worth of loss provisions on troubled shipping loans?

(Banking close to impossible)


(1) What is the last name of the chairman of the offshore group that is looking to raise $2.5bn from the sale-and-charterback of around one-third of its fleet?

(Bourbon's sale)

(3) What is the name of the body of water where a CMA CGM containership broke down during a cargo cruise?

(This wasn't in the brochure!)

(6) What is the name of the yard that announced that a $2.4bn Flex LNG order placed in 2008 has been brought to an end due to lack of financing by the buyer?

(Big write-down for Flex)

(8) What is the last name of the mining magnate who banned social media from his Titanic II replica?

(No Titanic twitter twits)

(11) What is the name of the region that scientists believe cargoships should be able sail through by 2050 as a result of global warming?

(Ice work)


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