Elan Cohen calls the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) "very much an extension of our family,” hearkening back to his school days when he and older brother, Adam, worked summers for their father, Yoram. Adam, 34, came to LISCR full-time about nine years ago after working in the financial sector, while Elan, 31, followed a few years later. Their father founded LISCR in 1999 as it assumed management of the Liberian flag from International Registries, which now runs the rival Marshall Islands flag. Handover explained In their first press interview after years of low-key management of the business, the Cohen brothers explained the handover of control from their father. “For about five years we worked hand in hand. People would look at us at that point as being equal partners in the business," Adam says. "My brother joined a couple of years later. And for several years we worked side by side with our father. “I brought my background in finance and got to absorb a lot of my father’s entrepreneurial skills, as well as his high-level relationships with governmental officials and senior shipowner contacts he'd developed over many years.” However, things were changing by 2015, as Yoram was easing away from the company. Our father doesn't have any official role or title with the registry anymore. We do lean on him for advice on long-term matters such as governmental relations. Adam Cohen " I wouldn’t say it was a decision