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Will investments in digital tech pay off?

ABS VP weighs in on maximising ROI in tech, charts path to digital maturity and sheds fresh light on new vessel performance monitoring and analytics platform.
Published  20 January 2022 4:07 GMT
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Veson acquisition lays foundation for Oceanbolt expansion

Backed by Veson Nautical, Oceanbolt expands product to deliver superior market data insights for bulk operations, including a new MPA algorithm to help automate SASB environmental reporting.
Published  17 December 2021 3:11 GMT
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ClassNK: Practical steps to GHG reduction

Beyond political will and new technologies, shipping needs practical solutions to meet its goals on GHG emissions. Zero-emission support services from ClassNK offer a path forward for the industry.
Published  8 December 2021 21:53 GMT
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Korean parts marketplace takes centre stage

Government-funded platform in expansion mode as it links domestic suppliers of marine equipment with growing network of buyers from all over the world.
Published  1 December 2021 7:30 GMT
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One place for people, power and money

Over 900 of the industry’s key decision-makers will be gathering in one place for the first time in a long time on 10 January in Norway.
Published  24 November 2021 17:44 GMT
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De-risking offshore wind

Bureau Veritas is de-risking and enabling offshore wind technology and market readiness by qualifying new technologies and developing new standards for structures, materials, seakeeping and moorings.
Published  23 November 2021 13:49 GMT
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A frank conversation about autonomous ships

While crewless deepsea vessels are a distant and debatable future there are autonomous solutions that shipowners can leverage to solve problems in the here-and-now.
Published  29 October 2021 1:53 GMT
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Rebooting relationships

Shipping revolves around relationships, argues Nor-Shipping's Sidsel Norvik, with no substitute for face-to-face collaboration. The key to future success, she believes, is accessing people power.
Published  28 October 2021 15:53 GMT
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Are Greek owners ready for the low-carbon challenge?

From green finance to dual-fuel solutions a rising tide of Hellenic owners are turning to ABS to meet needs beyond the traditional role of class societies.
Published  15 October 2021 20:16 GMT
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4 steps for enhancing your bunker management strategy

Drawn from experiences working with hundreds of maritime orgs, Veson Nautical shares alternative fuel trends and bunker management strategies that yield financial, operational, and environmental dividends.
Published  17 September 2021 3:22 GMT
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The new standard for scrubbers

Global Echo’s powerful, cost-effective exhaust gas cleaning system solutions enable shipping companies to meet global sulphur mandates with retrofits completed in fewer than 14 days.
Published  17 September 2021 0:47 GMT
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Ocean Freight Exchange courts brokers as expansion accelerates

Marketplace backed by former Teekay CEO mounts fresh coup to capitalise on growing appetite for platforms that give owners, charterers and brokers a competitive edge via cutting-edge tech.
Published  19 August 2021 1:30 GMT
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E-fuels for future ocean shipping

Bureau Veritas is developing the understanding required, and classification rules, to be ready for the future fuel landscape.
Published  9 June 2021 20:43 GMT

LISCR pilots owners’ decarbonisation journey

From burgeoning emissions trading schemes to alternative fuels, the flag is well placed to back shipowners as they chart their course towards a greener future, management says.
Published  28 May 2021 0:21 GMT
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ClassNK: Autonomous ships to arrive in stages

Opinions differ on the extent of the industry’s appetite for fully autonomous ships but component technologies are rapidly moving out of trial phases into mainstream shipping operations.
Published  26 May 2021 20:05 GMT