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Higher risk sulphur over 0.5% in ARA VLSFO vs Singapore

Ship operators 14 times more likely to experience VLSFO Sulphur levels exceeding 0.50% with certain suppliers in ARA than in Singapore, Integr8 Fuels research reveals.
Published  29 May 2023 2:42 GMT
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Bulk Atlantic eyes eco expansion

Turkish operator sets sights on fresh alliances as it looks to charter-in more modern tonnage while maintaining a low carbon footprint.
Published  29 May 2023 2:25 GMT
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ClassNK: Robust safeguards for sizable containerships

With a surge in very large container ship deliveries fast approaching, ClassNK publishes new and completely updated guidelines covering two of the most pressing safety issues in sea-going unitised transportation.
Published  26 April 2023 21:08 GMT
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ABS Wavesight storms crowded digital arena

VIDEO: Architects of class society’s software-as-a-service spinoff shed fresh light on top objectives, value-add and the current state of shipping tech.
Published  9 February 2023 23:26 GMT
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ABS Wavesight takes aim at crowded digital arena

Shipping’s crowded tech market is fueling a lot of confusion. As the list of maritime digital solutions swells, ABS’s new software offering is poised to help shipowners cut through the noise.
Published  30 November 2022 0:48 GMT
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How to future proof your tanker fleet

For VLCC owners navigating an unclear future, GTT’s innovative solution promises competitive flexibility.
Published  16 November 2022 16:24 GMT
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An inside look at Veson Nautical

In this exclusive TradeWinds Content Studio interview, Veson Nautical CEO John Veson and team provide an inside look into the company's beginnings, how it's grown over the years, and it’s vision for the future.
Published  25 October 2022 17:26 GMT
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Enhanced modelling of maritime’s future fuel mix

DNV’s new Maritime Forecast to 2050 presents updated fuel scenarios to generate insights for decision-making processes to achieve more robust and future-proof emissions-reduction solutions for shipping.
Published  19 October 2022 13:50 GMT
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ClassNK formulates easier answer on SEEMP III compliance

With the need to meet the provisions of IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator a matter of urgency, ClassNK has developed a straightforward solution for compliance from 1 January 2023.
Published  12 October 2022 14:53 GMT
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Reducing fuel consumption by as much as 20%

From Scrubber to Fuel Saver, Global Echo is developing creative ways to reduce emissions. The MS-Fuel Saver, for example, enables vessels to save HFO up to 20%, reduce particulate matter by up to 70%, and reduce NOx up to 30%.
Published  4 October 2022 18:42 GMT
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Pioneering safety in new fuel value chains

Riding a wave established by the LNG value chain, a new generation of talent is needed to lead the way for ammonia, methanol and hydrogen.
Published  13 September 2022 4:11 GMT