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Big Ship, Small Crew: Calling out the "S" in ESG

As many focus on the “E” of ESG we often forget about the all important “S”: the people onboard. But shipowners can build an efficient, safer chain of command—even with a smaller crew.
Published  23 June 2022 16:02 GMT
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Quality Counts at the Liberian Registry

The Liberian Registry's Qualship 21 is an affirmation of its emphasis on attracting superior tonnage.
Published  22 June 2022 14:23 GMT
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Streamlining GHG emissions management with ClassNK ZETA

A newly launched GHG emissions management tool from ClassNK helps ship managers, owners, and charterers track CO2 emissions and simulate and report CII ratings without any unnecessary administrative burden.
Published  22 June 2022 13:37 GMT
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Modern rules for modern shipping

New structural rules for steel ships from Bureau Veritas to better support the shipping industry.
Published  13 June 2022 12:01 GMT
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Industry 4.0 gains traction in Singapore

As shipping steams ahead towards its digital future, ABS chief reiterates the importance of the human element of shipping safety in Singapore and abroad.
Published  6 June 2022 20:52 GMT
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Video SEO: A beginner’s guide

A primer on optimizing your video content for search to drive more traffic and engage your audience.
Published  17 May 2022 14:46 GMT
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Digital transformation with AI

A critical technology for giving maritime companies a performance edge.
Published  3 April 2022 23:11 GMT
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Data & Digital Transformation: Insights from Shipping Leaders

New whitepaper reveals how Stena, Koch, Hapag-Lloyd, Equinor and other maritime elites are accelerating their digital evolutions and setting themselves up for success by harnessing the full potential of data.
Published  9 March 2022 8:30 GMT
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How digital technology can help improve CII ratings

From January 2023, the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) will be applied to all vessels with the aim of reducing emissions. Digital technology will play a vital role in meeting this challenge.
Published  1 March 2022 18:46 GMT
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ESG meets GMS' ship recycling solution

The world's largest cash buyer of ships for recycling seeks like-minded shipowners to deliver ESG-friendly ship recycling.
Published  16 February 2022 15:27 GMT
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Will investments in digital tech pay off?

ABS VP weighs in on maximising ROI in tech, charts path to digital maturity and sheds fresh light on new vessel performance monitoring and analytics platform.
Published  20 January 2022 4:07 GMT
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Veson acquisition lays foundation for Oceanbolt expansion

Backed by Veson Nautical, Oceanbolt expands product to deliver superior market data insights for bulk operations, including a new MPA algorithm to help automate SASB environmental reporting.
Published  17 December 2021 3:11 GMT
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ClassNK: Practical steps to GHG reduction

Beyond political will and new technologies, shipping needs practical solutions to meet its goals on GHG emissions. Zero-emission support services from ClassNK offer a path forward for the industry.
Published  8 December 2021 21:53 GMT
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Korean parts marketplace takes centre stage

Government-funded platform in expansion mode as it links domestic suppliers of marine equipment with growing network of buyers from all over the world.
Published  1 December 2021 7:30 GMT