Are FSRU conversions on the comeback trail? When I flipped through the latest edition of TradeWinds, this headline caught my eye.

As the title of the underlying article suggests, converting LNG carriers into floating storage and regasification units has become an increasingly popular option for would-be providers.

While the conversion route has been around for more than a decade reporter Lucy Hine noted that newbuildings have won the lion’s share of FSRU projects within the last five years.

In a companion piece one of the journalist’s sources stressed the importance of communication when converting an LNG carrier into an FSRU and an experienced, dedicated project team that works closely with the shipyards and designers undertaking the overhaul.

Carlos Guerrero is the Global Market Leader, Tankers & Gas Carriers, at Bureau Veritas. Guerrero and his team will be on hand to discuss floating gas terminals at the Gastech Exhibition & Conference in Barcelona on 17-20 September 2018. Photo: Baptiste Lignel

Conversions may be an appropriate solution for some projects, but not others. The same can be said about newbuildings. At the end of the day, each project is subject to its own unique set of technical, regulatory, operational and environmental considerations.


Bureau Veritas just published a white paper about floating gas terminals. Email Carlos Guerrero to request a copy or visit the BV stand at Gastech 2018.

Navigating these issues isn’t easy. In response to this dilemma, in late 2017 Bureau Veritas was the first classification society to publish rules entirely dedicated to floating terminals. New notations for floating storage units followed in the summer of 2018.

Guidelines for converting LNG carriers into floating storage units- FSUs- or floating storage units fitted with a regasification plant- FSRUs- are now available as well.

We’d be delighted to share our expertise with you, so don’t hesitate to stop by the Bureau Veritas booth at Gastech 2018 in Barcelona- we’ll be at stand M105. Alternatively, you can contact me directly, year-round, via email at


Bureau Veritas (BV) plays a key role at each stage of the LNG value chain, ensuring the viability and safety of projects, while bringing stakeholders together to address challenges.

Achievements in this sector include classing the first FSRU to enter operation, in 2005, and the largest FSRU ever built, which was delivered in 2017.

Additionally, 80% of the LNG bunkering vessels on order, under construction or in operation are BV-classed. The same can be said for 28% of the LNG-fueled ships in operation and more than 30% of the gas-powered tonnage on order.

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