“The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the maritime events calendar,” comments Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping director. And he should know.

Nor-Shipping, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, was due to take place in June. However, with uncertainty over the feasibility of international travel, and the continued need for social distancing restrictions, organisers took the difficult decision to postpone until January 2022.

“Nor-Shipping 2019 was the most successful ever, with participant numbers up by over 34%,” Tanggaard notes. “We wanted to build on that, providing more value for the community than ever, rather than take a step backwards and run a scaled-down event. The January timing will allow us to provide a unique ‘winter wonderland’ setting here in Norway - which I think is a very exotic concept for many of our international exhibitors and guests - while also ensuring we’re the first major event focused on the entire ocean space post-pandemic.

“It’s the ideal chance for the community to gather once again, re-energise, get on with business, plan the future and… well, celebrate.”


The team have come up with a new concept to help the industry continue collaborating, sharing knowledge, building relationships, and taking #ACTION (Nor-Shipping’s main theme) in the run-up to January 2022. Christened Ocean Now, the two day ‘hybrid’ event takes place on the original Nor-Shipping dates (1-2 June) and offers a unique array of content.

Day one sees the launch of The Today Show by Nor-Shipping, a business talk and entertainment programme that is a first for the ocean industry. Broadcast free online, the show will be filmed on Skuld’s rooftop terrace in Oslo and feature segments boasting many of the industry’s leading names discussing key issues.

Tune in to the Today Show by Nor-Shipping, a live broadcast business talk and entertainment show featuring special guests, reports, and insights into emerging opportunities.

Day one will also feature a number of events by Nor-Shipping partners and leading players in the ocean industries, including the United Nations Global Compact (UN GC). Specially curated online content will line up across the day to showcase the latest industry developments, opportunities and partnerships focused on unlocking sustainable ocean success.

Fueling progress

Day two centres around a new global conference, Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Blue Talks – Fueling the Future. This unique event gathers international stakeholders to discuss hydrogen roadmaps, accelerating adoption and outlining commercial potential for maritime.

Issues encompassing technology, accessibility, safety, policy making, and the strengths of ammonia, amongst other topics, will form key focus points.

Sidsel Norvik, commercial director, Nor-Shipping, who is organising the initiative, comments: “As we’re all aware, shipping must move faster towards a decarbonised future and hydrogen has enormous potential to help us reach our climate goals. The industry needs access to insights and understanding to really identify the opportunities going forwards. And that’s what we’re here for."

Join us on 2 June for the Hydrogen Blue Talks at Ocean Now as we set the stage for maritime’s energy transition. Hydrogen’s role in decarbonizing shipping, and the business opportunities for ocean industries will be in focus.

“The Hydrogen Blue Talks will outline the latest innovations and developments, both with maritime technology and the whole hydrogen value chain, while tapping into expertise from true hydrogen leaders. We believe this conference, and its supporters and participants, can be key to helping our audience successfully navigate the zero-emission horizon ahead.”

People power

Knut Orbeck-Nilssen, CEO Maritime, DNV

“One of Nor-Shipping’s defining qualities is its ability to bring together people from the entire spectrum of ocean business. It is a place to inspire and be inspired, coming face-to-face with the individuals, technology and services that will write the next chapters in the story of how we conduct responsible commercial activity within the ocean environment.”

Although the horizon for industry networking and development remains digital, Tanggaard, Norvik and the rest of the Nor-Shipping team are committed to continue working to achieve their goals, while preparing for the “better times” in 2022 and beyond.

“Supporting the industry is our number one goal,” Tanggaard concludes, “and even though we can’t physically meet we can still create positive impact. Ocean Now will deliver insight, innovation and value, building excitement for the arrival of Nor-Shipping next year.

“After so long apart, meeting friends, contacts and new partners face-to-face is going to be more powerful than ever before. I can’t wait. And I know I’m not alone!”