Nor-Shipping’s Ocean Leadership Conference fires the starting gun for a week that will share knowledge, build networks, seal deals, and help maritime chart a path towards a sustainable future of opportunity.

“It’s become a natural hub for the industry A-list,” comments Knut Erik Dahle, Nor-Shipping Head of Conference and Event.

“I think the attraction is a two-fold thing,” he continues. “Firstly, the speakers and panelists we have on stage are globally renowned thinkers, authorities and business people with real insights into the industry today, and where it’s heading tomorrow. But the networking aspect of it can’t be overlooked. “

“There’s no other single location where you get this quality of attendee, from such a diverse spectrum of the maritime and ocean industries, mixing together as one C-level community, Dahle adds, “You never know who you’ll meet, and what opportunities await, and I think that’s a huge part of the appeal.”

Open for business

Dahle is detailing the upcoming 2022 Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference, taking place on 10 January in Lillestrøm, near Oslo. The event that effectively kick-starts ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’ (10-13 January), the conference has always been a stalwart in decisionmaker diaries, but this time, the Nor-Shipping man believes, it’ll be of even greater significance.

Knut Erik Dahle, Nor-Shipping Head of Conference and Event, can’t wait to welcome the industry to Oslo in January. Photo: Caroline Roka

“Just think of the energy and enthusiasm flowing through the audience after almost two years of separation, isolation and digital meetings,” he smiles. “It’s going to be electric.”

He has a point. This Nor-Shipping was originally meant to take place in June 2021 but, for obvious reasons, had to be postponed. However, now Norway has lifted all of its coronavirus restrictions large-scale events are back with a bang and Nor-Shipping – which gathers around 50,000 attendees and upwards of 900 exhibiting companies – is as large as it gets for the maritime and ocean space business community.

“The scale is one thing,” Dahle says, “but the quality of the people is another."

“Nor-Shipping gathers key stakeholders in one location – drawing them together to see the latest innovations, discuss potential partnerships and formulate strategies to help navigate the future. Of those 50,000, the 900 or so that sit at the top of the power pyramid congregate at the opening conference. Just attending is a statement in itself.”

Leading the world

That said, Dahle is quick to emphasize that without a world-class speaker programme it’d be impossible to attract the Ocean Leadership audience in the first place.

That’s why, he stresses, the participants and subject matters up for discussion are chosen to reflect the key industry issues of the time – delivering unique perspectives, and powerful takeaways.

This time round proceedings have been split into three themed sessions, with a focus on how the topics of Money, People and Power will define future success. All of them support the main Nor-Shipping 2022 theme of taking positive business #ACTION within the ocean space.

So, Money (TRANS#ACTION) looks into the role the financial world will play in the decarbonisation of shipping, while People (INTER#ACTION) assesses how the industry can attract and develop the talent required to navigate an uncertain future. Finally, Power (PRO#ACTION) showcases the ocean’s power brokers, with expert insights from influential regulators, cargo owners, shipowners, class, and more.

There is, Dahle believes, “something for everyone” in a packed programme.

Speakers will be confirmed in the weeks running up to Nor-Shipping, but so far include IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim, DNB CEO Kjerstein Braathen , former Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen, DNV CEO Remi Eriksen, Wartsila CEO Haken Agnevall, and director of DG MOVE Magda Kopczynska, amongst others.

Your Arena For Ocean Solutions

Nor-Shipping 2022 takes place from 10-13 January and is focused on the main theme of taking positive #ACTION within the ocean space. International travel to Norway is now open and all national coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. As such, some 50,000 participants are expected at the first-ever winter Nor-Shipping, with close to 900 companies, from around 50 countries, showcasing the very latest innovations, services, and expertise.

Future in focus

“Nor-Shipping 2022 will be a special one,” he concludes. “And I can’t think of a better way to get the ball rolling than this Ocean Leadership Conference, with these participants, and this quality of audience we’re anticipating.”

“Come and meet the future here in Norway!”

The 2022 conference will take place in Nor-Shipping’s own Nova Studios, part of owner Norges Varemesse’s modern, 22,500 sq m exhibition complex in Lillestrøm. The new venue will bring the audience and speakers “closer to the action” while providing a revamped, comfortable and optimal environment for both keynotes, round-table discussions and industry mingling.