At the start of this year, it was widely believed that tankers equipped with scrubbers would command a premium on top of an already strong market. Many anticipated that freight rates would remain robust for years to come.

Tankers are now on a new path with greater uncertainty to navigate. The conversation has shifted from IMO 2020 to Covid-19. While this is proving problematic for some, others are capitaliaing on new opportunities to create value.

Join Paul Marsh, the research director at diversified UK tanker operator Navig8, for a closer look at where we’re at and how this this unprecedented situation may play out in the months ahead in a webinar that’s available on-demand. Registrants will learn more about:

  • Where the tanker market stands today, and how we got here
  • What we do know now, and what remains uncertain
  • How scrubber economics are changing
  • Whether VLCC rates will rebound and return to record highs
  • The revised forecast for supply and demand
  • And more!

To learn more about what’s next for the tanker market in 2020, register for Navig8’s on-demand webinar today.