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Your employees and decision makers need instant access to reliable and quality information to keep you ahead of the game.

Benefits of a corporate subscription

Today’s business leaders depend on fast, reliable and quality information to stay ahead of the game. They need to know what’s good, what’s risky and what’s going to give their organisations the edge. But it’s not just the decision makers who demand seamless access to the latest facts and figures: everyone working for your organisation needs to have the right information at their fingertips – and they shouldn’t have to wait for it.

A TradeWinds corporate package is the answer. Trusted for its insight and accuracy, TradeWinds offers fast and seamless access to the most intelligent and up-to-date information for today’s shipping enterprise. Our editorial team is hugely respected. Its independence is a key strength and allows us to bring you impartial, yet critical analysis and exclusive reporting of the events, policy changes, people and fiscal regimes that are shaping the maritime industry.

  • Multiple channels - Accurate and timely information the way you want it, when you want it. We recognise that every organisation is different.That’s why TradeWinds packages its news and reports in diverse delivery formats and on multiple platforms. Read it in plain text, in emails and on RSS feeds. View WebTV, ePapers and smartphone alerts.
  • Quality news - and content. From breaking news to in-depth analysis and authoritative reports, TradeWinds puts you and your employees at the centre of the shipping action, day-in, day-out. It’s no wonder we’re the most widely-read source of maritime news and opinion.
  • Trusted information - Go beyond the headlines. Whether you’re looking for up-to-the minute market data, or need to know the latest S&P figures and fixture rates, we’ll give you the complete picture. Discover more about the companies you work with in the comprehensive TradeWinds archives.
  • Ease of use - A TradeWinds corporate package opens the door to a wealth of invaluable information enterprise-wide. With no need for a password and support from a dedicated account manager, we’ve made it as easy as possible for your employees to gain instant access to the facts and figures they need to make the decisions that count.

Let us provide a proposal for your company. Send an email to, and we will happily discuss how your whole organisation can benefit from reading TradeWinds every day.


Join the growing trend of ship owners sending TradeWinds to their fleet.

Benefits of a fleet subscription

As part of the general drive towards better commercial awareness and education for ships crew, TradeWinds now boasts 31 fleets on board, numbering over 400 individual vessels subscribing to TradeWinds including many well known and established companies. Feedback from the crews is so positive, that virtually every vessel subscription is renewed year after year.

The benefits for your fleet are:

  • TradeWinds is a valuable tool in crew training, welfare and development. In the words of one seafarer, TradeWinds 'links shore and sea staff by making clear that quality, safety and commercial awareness are inseparable'.
  • A fleet subscription now includes a daily news summary, taken from our web site, which is available exclusively to vessels with subscriptions. This is a low cost method of transmitting the daily news to your ships.
  • Value for money. We work closely with all our fleet owners to provide this service at an acceptable cost.
  • Money back guarantee. If you should not be happy with our service or feed back from the crew, TradeWinds will refund the remaining balance from cancellation date minimum time commitments.
  • Individual access codes to our real time news service on for each vessel or to distribute freely among the shore based staff within your company.


Let us provide a proposal for your fleet. Send an email to, quoting the number of vessels to receive TradeWinds.