Teekay rises to Euronav's Bake Off cake challenge

We have a shipping Bake Off contender. Teekay has taken up the challenge and the company has gone in big.

Euronav's just desserts for networking milestone

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After seeing Euronav’s magnificant cake creation last week, celebrating the company reaching 10,000 followers on business networking platform LinkedIn, Teekay pushed back.


“You want cakes? Teekay has cakes! #BakeOffChallengeAccepted,” a Teekay spokesman responded.

And with that, the baking photobombing started with a wall of photographs of cakes designed to honour the company’s 44th anniversary celebrations last year.

On Watch marvelled at Team Vancouver’s “Gassy Bake”, what looks like a working lighthouse on “Team Stavanger’s creation “Teecake”, and is that a founding face on team Creole Spirit’s “Torben Cake”?

d6fbc62c7f6ec17bc47868071d5b78d9 Team Vancouver's 'Gassy Bake' featuring the LNG carrier Torben Spirit Photo: Teekay

What will the company’s employees produce for its next landmark anniversary, TradeWinds asks.

But this is about more than a good-looking sponge.

Teekay congratulated Euronav for hitting the 10k mark on LinkedIn, saying it was a “great accomplishment”.

But Teekay said Euronav had some catching up to do: “They still have a long way to go to catch us — 85k and counting.”

Teekay added that its Facebook followers number 125,000, with another 15,000 signed up to the company on Instagram.

6a38d774f5aaa47f09b778c0696cf998 Team Glasgow's 'Yamal together' cake — watch out for that polar bear! Photo: Teekay

That aside, and as wondrous as the slice of Teekay cake action looks, we cannot help thinking that these cakes were baked last year and are, by now, long since eaten or well beyond their best-before dates.

So what do other shipping companies have in the oven right now? Send us your baking highlights.

1338010ef68c465d0455e460da594820 The 'Teecake' from Team Vancouver Photo: Teekay
1dbbe25ff4ad468865523bc273477128 The crew of Creole Spirit's 'Torben Cake' Photo: Teekay