Mehrotra: 'I'm the world's most famous shipping face'

Move over John Fredriksen, there's a new shipping sheriff in town.

Ravi Mehrotra, chairman of expanding London-based Foresight Group, believes he is the most well-known shipowner globally.

When asked about his group's worldwide presence during an interview with CNBC in India, he said: "Without trying to blow my own trumpet, but I'm the most famous face in shipping in the world today."

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The chat was called "An Indian's Journey To Global Leadership."

In it, Mehrotra talked about his good luck in selling most of his ships before the 2008 financial crisis and how he sees shipping as a service business.

He also said the future for India "has to be in clean fuel."

The company has revealed it plans to acquire 10 VLCCs and two LNG carriers by 2020, as part of a $500m investment.

Mehrotra targets fleet of 10 VLCCs and two LNG carriers

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"We are focusing on developing a port and LNG. We have no problems to bring the LNG ships here," he said.

When asked about his plans to acquire five VLCCs for Indian operations, he said the country is already a major player in the import of crude oil.

He said he was not taking business away from anyone, but adding it.

In February, Foresight bought the 306,000-dwt Front Circassia (built 1999), now renamed Agra, for a figure of around $18m from John Fredriksen.

The company also has two aframaxes, plus interests in restaurants, manufacturing and drilling.