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  • Hoegh LNG grabs $177m in bond sale

    Danske Bank, DNB and Nordea run issue of unsecured debt securities in Oslo.

    Gas  tradewindsnews.com 2 hours old Eric Martin

    Evercore upgrades Capital Product stock

    Analyst Jonathan Chappell says clean should beat dirty to the potential tanker market upturn in 2018.

    Finance  tradewindsnews.com 2 hours old Eric Martin

    Carnival confirms order at Fincantieri

    US cruiseship giant books ships for Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.

    Passenger ships  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old Eric Martin

    E-PAPER Glastad family secures debut handy bulker for $8.55m

    The Glastad family of Norway is entering the handysize bulker segment through Njord Shipping, which is to become the managing owner of a modern vessel.

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old

    E-PAPER Number of offshore rigs stable at the end of 2016

    The number of offshore rigs working globally remains steady, with a loss of seven offset by an equivalent gain across Latin America, Europe and the US Gulf of Mexico (GoM).

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old

    E-PAPER Lack of oversight and regulatory failure in worrying case of collapsed P&I scheme

    Insurance is supposed to be a highly regulated business, with supervisors and other officials there to ensure that the product — a promise to pay, so a mere IOU — is worth the paper it is written on.

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old

    E-PAPER Mergers stay on agenda despite superclub flop

    The most talked-about event of the current rapidly receding protection-and-indemnity (P&I) year was something that did not happen.

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old

    E-PAPER ‘Anything goes’ at the bottom end of market

    Around 150 providers are offering protection-and-indemnity (P&I) and related covers, ranging from the 13 well-known clubs of the International Group cartel to established fixed-premium schemes and reputable insurance companies.

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old

    E-PAPER P&I outfits that trade in murky waters

    There seems to be no shortage of unknown insurers prepared to cover unwary owners

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old

    E-PAPER Hidden eddies mark deceptively quiet year for P&I mutuals

    An absense of general increases marked 2016 as a year of change, with some clubs going as far as returning funds to members, but a potential superclub drew the most attention with ramifications that may continue to take shape into 2017, writes Jim Mulrenan

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 3 hours old