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  • E-PAPER Bank claims Oslo Marine was pyramid scheme

    Acting for the bank, Brick Court Chambers barrister Simon Birt claimed Arkhangelsky “is the ultimate chancer”, for whom “kicking the can down the...which had just disappeared.”Arkhangelsky’s legal representative, Pavel Stroilov, replied the idea that OMG was a financial pyramid based on revaluing

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 28 Jul 2016

    E-PAPER Both sides go for the jugular in High Court case summing-up

    Bank St Petersburg (BSP) and Oslo Marine Group (OMG) owner Vitaly Arkhangelsky both claimed the other to have been fraudulent during oral summing-up at the London High Court trial.BSP is claiming $90m for alleged defaults on loan guarantees by OMG, but Russian businessman Arkhangelsky is

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 28 Jul 2016

    E-PAPER Trail of transactions alleged to link bank to Renord entities

    was alleged in the London High Court. The case involves claims by BSP that OMG owner Vitaly Arkhangelsky is liable for $90m in loan guarantees that he...assets were acquired by companies within the Renord Invest group, mainly owned by Mikhail Smirnov, a former director of BSP.Arkhangelsky’s representative

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 21 Apr 2016

    E-PAPER Hearing told of ‘highly unusual’ bank transactions

    the Russian banking regulator than Vitaly Arkhangelsky, a London High Court trial has heard. “In this report, in the original report and in [the...banking expert Professor Sergei Guriev in testimony.BSP claims OMG owner Vitaly Arkhangelsky is liable for $90m in loan guarantees that he defaulted on

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 14 Apr 2016

    E-PAPER Did $3 tax demand ‘paralyse’ Vyborg?

    to related firms. BSP claims OMG owner Vitaly Arkhangelsky is liable for $90m in loan guarantees that he defaulted on, while the Russian businessman is...Investrbank from November 2008 to March 2009 and who then headed a client-monitoring directorate to oversee distressed debt, Arkhangelsky’s legal representative

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 07 Apr 2016

    E-PAPER Bank chief denies knowing firms in alleged assets grab

    Petersburg (BSP) purchasing Oslo Marine Group (OMG) assets seized from owner Vitaly Arkhangelsky. BSP claims Arkhangelsky is liable for $90m in loan guarantees, and the Russian businessman is counterclaiming for damages of $500m. The bank denies Arkhangelsky’s allegations it illegally appropriated OMG assets

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 24 Mar 2016

    E-PAPER Crisis decision not to back Vyborg Shipping

    second stage kicked in where it would order 10 newbuildings, the court heard in evidence given by Arkhangelsky in Paris. The shipping company only got as...Chambers silk Tim Lord asked if money was available from other parts of OMG to save the company.Arkhangelsky replied that he took a “crisis management

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 17 Mar 2016

    E-PAPER Loan guarantees falsified by BSP to save bank, says Arkhangelsky

    Bank St Petersburg (BSP) forged personal loan guarantees or forced Vitaly Arkhangelsky to sign them in December 2008 because it was in danger of having insufficient reserves to keep operating, Arkhangelsky claimed in evidence he gave in Paris. The Russian businessman is being sued in the London High

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 17 Mar 2016

    E-PAPER Arkhangelsky confesses to $160m bribe for bureaucrat

    Oslo Marine Group (OMG) chief executive Vitaly Arkhangelsky admitted to bribing Russian officials to purchase Western Terminal, the judge in the case between him and Bank St Petersburg (BSP) heard in Paris hearings. Transcripts of the hearings, in Paris because Arkhangelsky claims it is too dangerous for

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 10 Mar 2016

    E-PAPER Arkhangelsky trial hears of ‘inconsistent’ testimony

    The London trial in which Bank St Petersburg (BSP) is claiming Oslo Marine Group (OMG) chief executive Vitaly Arkhangelsky is liable for loan...crash of 2008.Questioned about a 25 December 2008 meeting between then chairman of BSP’s management board Alexander Savelyev and Arkhangelsky, Savelyev

    Weekly  tradewindsnews.com 25 Feb 2016