Palau and Vanuatu added to Paris black list

Pacific Ocean islands become the latest flag states to be downgraded by the Paris MoU committee.

Palau and Vanuatu have become the latest entries into the black list of the Paris MoU committee.

Both countries will be moved from the grey list with effect from 1 July, joining other flag states such as Belize, Moldova, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Cambodia and Tanzania.

A total of 123 inspections took place on Palau-flagged vessels and 23 of them resulted in detentions.

There were 277 inspections on Vanuatu-flagged ships, with 31 detentions.

From the 73 flags evaluated by Paris MoU, 42 are on the white list, 19 on the grey list and 12 on the black list.

The Republic of Korea was moved from the white to the grey list while Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were upgraded form the black to the grey list.

Paris MoU conducted 6,082 inspections on Panama-flagged ships, with 313 of them detained later.

There were 128 detentions after 4,170 inspections on Liberia-flagged ships and 135 detentions following 4,586 inspections on Malta-flagged vessels.