Airbus ro-ro aground

A ro-ro vessel used to ship wings for A380 aircraft from the UK to France has run aground on a sandbank off Liverpool.

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The Louis Dreyfus-owned Ciudad de Cadiz (built 2009) slipped its moorings in high winds earlier this week on the River Dee.

“A gust came through in excess of 50 to 55 knots and unfortunately, the stern lines and forward lines snapped and the ship drifted out,” said a UK Coastguard official.

The 125m-long ship, which has a 23-man crew, has been secured by three tugs and is said to be in a relatively safe position.

“She’s not in any danger. She’s sitting on a soft sandbank and it’s a matter of waiting until high tide so that she can be refloated,” the official added.

Reports say no lifeboats have been called out to stand by the vessel, while there are no reports of any pollution.