No warning

A careless crewman was crushed to death on a Gearbulk cargoship in Australia after crane alert devices failed.
Toucan Arrow

Toucan Arrow

The 56,000–dwt Toucan Arrow (built 1996) was berthed in Portland on 7 October, 2013, when the accident occurred.

The seafarer died after being trapped between the ship’s aft gantry crane and a cargo hold hatch lid.

The Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB) found that the man “did not comply with the ship’s safe working procedures and did not ensure that the crane driver was advised and that the gantry crane’s electrical power supply was isolated before he began working in the vicinity of the crane.”

The investigation also found that the audible and visual crane-in-motion warning devices were not fully operational and effective.

The vessel’s manager has since updated its checklist for new crew joining its vessels.

Limit switches which detect the presence of a person on the cargo hatch ladder and stop the crane’s travel have also been fitted to the gantry cranes.

ATSB said: “This accident highlights the importance of adhering to the requirements of on-board safe working procedures, the effective assessment of risk and the implementation of appropriate risk controls.”

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