NPL buys Polynesian

Neptune Pacific Line (NPL) is to buy South Seas operator Polynesian Shipping Line (PSL).

PSL chairman Charlie Westerlund said: "The time is now right for shareholders to withdraw from shipping, and we are pleased to be able to sell the business to a professional, like-minded and well-managed company in Neptune Pacific Line."

The Auckland-based company operates four feederships between Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and other islands.

It also owns 50% of Pacific Forum Line with the government of Samoa.

The line is a subsidiary of Petroleum Products Supplies of Samoa

NPL is part of US-owned Roll Global.

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    HILO, Hawaii: Two double-hulled Hawaiian voyaging canoes left here last Saturday on a three-month, 6,000-mile Pacific journey that aims to use ancient Polynesian navigational techniques. Using only dead reckoning and noting winds, ocean swells and the positions of the sun, moon and stars, these forerunners of modern shipping are headed for the South Pacific, where they will be joined by a third Hawaiian canoe, one from New Zealand and two each from Tahiti and the Cook Islands.