A container ship owned by Peter Dohle was damaged in a collision with a Turkish cargo vessel in the Mediterranean Sea.

The incident happened 14 nautical miles (26 km) off Cape Passero at the southeastern tip of Sicily on Monday, the Italian coastguard said in a social media post.

“The Guardia Costiera sent naval vessels, a helicopter and an Atr 42 [aircraft] to intervene in the event of rescue and environmental monitoring,” the coastguard said.

No report of casualties or environmental damage has been reported so far.

The authorities did not disclose the identity of the vessels involved in the incident.

Released video footage, as well as the ships’ location and descriptions as a “Portuguese” boxship and a “Liberian” cargo vessel strongly suggest these are Peter Dohle’s 3,091-teu EF Olivia (built 2006) and the 8,400-dwt Hayriye Ana (built 2009) of Turkey-based Konan Denizcilik.

Managers at Peter Dohle did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A manager at Konan Denizcilik confirmed the incident, adding that the damage was probably minor.

Video footage released by the Guardia Costiera shows the laden container ship having suffered an impact near its aft, at deck level on the port side.

The Turkish ship, by contrast, had its bow dented by the impact.

MarineTraffic described the situation of the EF Olivia as one of “restricted manoeuvrability”.

Later on Monday, the Italian coastguard announced that both vessels had safely arrived at Augusta, without any human casualty or damage to the environment.