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125 Wood Street, 7th Floor. London EC2V 7AN. UK

Tel: +44 207 645 2300 Editor-in-Chief News Editor TW+ Editor Deputy News Editor London Correspondent London Correspondent Deputy Editor Online London Correspondent Chief Sub-Editor Deputy Chief Sub-Editor Sub-Editor Sub-Editor COO, Global Publications Deputy Director, Brand Marketing Business Development Manager, Advertising Regional Sales Manager EMEA, Subscriptions
Account Manager, Advertising HR Manager Office Manager/Account Manager Credit Control Senior Graphic Designer Conference Director London Correspondent

Visiting address: Christian Krohgs gate 16, 0186 Oslo. Norway
Postal address: PO Box 1182 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo. Norway

Tel: +47 2200 1200 Founding Editor US Bureau Chief Operations Director Senior Account Manager, Advertising

1010 Washington Blvd. 2nd Floor. Stamford, CT 06901. USA

Tel: +1 203 324 2994 US Bureau Chief Americas Correspondent Americas Correspondent Americas Correspondent Vice President Sales Content Marketing Manager Account Manager, Subscriptions Vice President, Global Credit Control

20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk 04-04, Singapore 058416

Tel: +6531650940 Asia Correspondent Asia Correspondent Asia Correspondent Online Managing Director, NHST Media Group (Asia) Account Manager, Advertising Account Manager, Subscriptions Account Manager, Credit Control Account Manager, Subscriptions Office Manager/HR

Sandbrogaten 5, 5th Floor, 5003 Bergen. Norway

Tel: + 47 9325 6010 Global Sales Director, Advertising
c/o FPA, 2 Navarhou Nikodimou, 10557 Athens, Greece
Editorial : +30 210 7299268

Subscriptions and advertising: +30 210 7299269 Athens Correspondent Account Manager, Advertising

K11, Room 2613, 26th Floor, No. 300 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai 200021. China

Tel: +65 3165 0985 Senior Account Manager, Advertising


TradeWinds AS
Christian Krohgsgt 16
PO Box 1182 Sentrum
0107 Oslo

Company registration number: 937 593 821