Trafigura is to test out a new system to monitor greenhouse gas emissions and improve vessel efficiency.

Switzerland’s Daphne Technology said it will fit its PureMetrics equipment on to a chartered LNG carrier in the summer.

The vessel is managed by Greece’s Latsco LNG.

Latsco LNG chief executive George Margaronis said: “We are excited to participate in such an innovative project, which will enable us to understand the level of emissions in a broader operating profile.

“Participation in this project shows our commitment to manage efficient ships while always monitoring the environmental impact. The data collected via the installation of the PureMetrics system should help us to operate the ship with a reduced emissions footprint in the future.”

PureMetrics directly measures and accurately reports real-time tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions to the environment, eliminating inaccurate reporting based on fuel consumption estimates, Daphne claims.

The system will also ensure compliance with European Union monitoring, reporting and verification and International Maritime Organization data collection system regulations.

The kit can improve operational efficiency, reducing emissions and costs for the operators, the partners said.

The planned approach for the Trafigura fleet is to ensure “seamless integration with existing systems and processes, addressing technical challenges and adhering to evolving environmental regulations and greenhouse gas emissions standards.”

The deal “demonstrates practical greenhouse gas emission reduction measures, scales impact globally, provides actionable insights for emission optimisation and inspires environmental stewardship”, Trafigura said.

Latsco owns the 174,000-dwt LNG ships Hellas Athina and Hellas Diana (both built 2021), which are chartered to the trader for five years.

Big-name backing

Trafigura is an investor in Daphne Technology, which also has backing from Shell Ventures, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Malaysian tanker owner AET, Swisscom and JP Morgan.

Daphne Technology chief executive and founder Mario Michan described the agreement as a “significant milestone for our young company”.

“While Trafigura is one of our strategic investors, this contract stands on its own merits as a testament to the effectiveness of our PureMetrics solution,” he added.

Trafigura energy transition group and venture capital investments head Margaux Moore added that deployment is a crucial step towards establishing a baseline measurement for greenhouse emissions in its maritime operations.

“This baseline will provide a foundational understanding of actual emissions levels, enabling effective monitoring and targeted reduction efforts,” she added.

Last September, Greek shipowner Maran Gas Maritime said it was trialling Daphne’s methane abatement system on one of its LNG carriers.

The 173,548-cbm Maran Gas Chios (built 2019), which was on charter to Shell, was to be fitted with Daphne’s SlipPure system.

This is an after-treatment designed to reduce methane emissions — also referred to as methane slip — from LNG-fuelled engines.

The system was due to be retrofitted to one of the ship’s Wartsila 34DF auxiliary engines.