Tanker shipping veteran and long-term proponent of wind propulsion Lars Carlsson is proposing a campaign to shift shipowners toward net zero emission status as the industry begins to get to grips with the IMO target for a 50% cut by 2050.

Carlsson, a former managing director of Concordia Maritime and chairman of Intertanko, wants the industry to set up a World Shipping Board within the IMO to lead a push towards net zero emissions.

Kitack Lim, the secretary general of IMO, has a lot of integrity, if he could just escape from half of his 200 country delegates’ votes in IMO

Lars Carlsson

The board, comprising up to 10 people, could “guide us through the coming years’ transition, with strong recommendations and executive power, by forcing authorities to legislate for immediate reduction of harmful emissions,” he argues in a letter to TradeWinds.