Norwegian offshore vessel broking house Seabrokers is branching out with a new “helicopter-aeroplane” service for Scandinavia.

The Oslo shop is working with designer Wideroe Zero and hotel group Strawberry to explore how new aircraft can provide an “optimal transportation solution” for less accessible areas.

The idea is to develop new aviation concepts that will reduce emissions compared to traditional planes.

“The aircraft is unique, and we are at the forefront of using it, along with United Airlines, among others. With Strawberry and Seabrokers on board, there is a significant chance that Scandinavia will have the world’s first markets for evolution in air transport,” said Andreas Aks, head of Wideroe Zero.

Strawberry sees significant potential in terms of tourism experiences and easier access to more remote destinations.

Seabrokers’ Innovations unit, led by former Norwegian minister of transport Ketil Solvik Olsen, is also involved.

“This aligns with our focus on developing new transport solutions. As a major player in the construction industry, we want to be involved in the development of local small airports (vertiports) that will contribute to exciting community development,” he said.

Seabrokers also said it is expanding its foundation work services through the setting up of a new company to compete in the construction barge market.

The brokerage wants to take on even larger projects.

The first new job is already underway in Jattavagen, just outside Stavanger, followed by a larger dock project in Egersund.

And Seabrokers has also announced the acquisition of domestic construction company Jetgrunn, which will operate as a fully owned subsidiary.